Poem: A temple in the clouds

By: Onkar Sharma


Ever seen or imagined a temple in the clouds?
Ever seen a shrine sans the unholy crowds?
I did both, with precision and awe
Not once but twice
It was white as snow
It was majestic as doe
Its slender marble dome was just tall and very high
which behaved as the watchman of the sky

It was held gracefully on their palms by the mountains
that stood draped in primitive forests of firs and baans
with slopes downward garlanded with herbs and wild flowers.
The squeak of the wind encircled around with god’s message
The pink chill motivated human faith through the remote passage

Tribals of the distant villages came to plead in guilt
but I was lost in trance about the white built
My limbs were unmoved, eyes transfixed in its devine court
to behold, to seek, and to explore the mystic fort
where the commander of the universe resides
in an unknown sanctum unguarded from all sides.
If I could stay for the rest of my life in this premise
to attain that love, to find that peace and to earn that surprise.

Believe me I’ve seen a temple in the clouds!
Believe me it’s a place beyond the unholy crowds!


This poem is a tribute to my unforgettable but second visit to the Maa Bhangayani Temple at Haripurdhar, a high-reaches place in Sirmour District of Himachal Pradesh. For more information regarding the temple, click: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maa_Bhangayani_Temple,_Haripurdhar


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