Poem: the demise

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick


this is the beginning
this is the end
the blueprint initiates the transition

why am i here
no purpose do i serve
void of contentment
restless from the urge

the answer has been apparent
distinct for many years
perhaps there were tasks to complete

the babies are grown
lives of their own
it is the present

i am free
i am trapped
tussling with a spider web unrelenting

white blurr
spun off
why was then not the time

is it punishment
the pointed spear poked at me
as if to scare
i laugh
i have no fear

the anguish immense
voices closing in
i \arrange
i rehearse continually in my mind
my imagination taunts me

gifts i do not possess
amongst the darkness

my impending demise
no mistakes
no escapes
impeccably executed

separation transpired
the bones lie motionless
the soul reverts to the cosmos

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