Poem: In the Dark

By: Allia Koo


At the end of the darkness
I stare at a good samaritan’s figure helping the unwanted
Deep into the darkness I dream
Wishing to approach, between the stone cold walls
I imagine an angelic view on the other side of the nightfall
Hoping one day I would stop drowning in the sea of tears

The weight that was created from all my mistakes
Is finally lifted off my shoulders
There is no wrongdoing, no violence, and no hate on this side
I hear singing of soulful songs surrounding me
The achilles heel that I once had, has vanished

A sea of waves crashes over me
Washing and splashing away my failures
Arguing, lying, and fighting is not permissible here

I am now out of the darkness
I am finally refreshed, renewed, and revived
Good soul turns around and I stand
Forgiving and forgetting my past forever


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