Poem: Love After Love

By: Zunayet Ahammed


YOU are a safe home
Like the sunshine after rain
Living far away from me
But always living in my sweet dome
With love and respect.

YOU are a box of fragrance,
A symbol of classical affluence
A light house of safety and security
Looking into your face
My heart leaps.

YOUR calm voice always promotes me
To go ahead
To catch the unattainable
Like the stars from the sky
I sing of you
To ease the drudgery of my soul.

YOUR sense of taste and choice
Add new facets of a diamond to my life
And perfume my heart
To gladden others with gladness.

YOUR constructive thoughts
Like the transparent water of the brook
Help me to be cool in crisis
To dream sweet dreams
To weave imagination into my poems
And to have the right decision
In all walks of life.
We’ve been together for a long time
But every day to me
You are invitingly fresh and pleasing
As the tender touch of the first day
Your love is unfailing for me
Always it shows me the way of new life
And encourages me not to yield.

YOUR love after love
Will keep me alive
To love His creatures.


Zunayet Ahammed is an Assistant Professor of English at Northern University Bangladesh.

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