Poem: A Mask For Every Face

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick


Inside smothered
Daggers hurled
Unpredictable; hour, day, week
Soaring into cosmos, fantasyland
Illusion, delusion
Curled fetal position, myriad of tears
Raging aimed at no particular target
Sleep, sleep, more sleep
Drained from nonstop thoughts
Awake with the moon and stars
Listening to the sounds of the night
Energized, dancing ‘till dawn
Ideas abound, following in quick succession
Falling fast, crash landing
Alone, lonely, jazz blues
Cycling, unremitting, inescapable
Roller coaster, mind blowing ride
Deep caverns, murky waters, dampness
No vision, too high, too low
Flatline, in the middle, unsatisfied
What’s your wager? Risky odds.
A mask for every face
Insides smothered
Daggers thrown
Soaring high



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