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When a wanderer meets a pilgrim: A Mathematical Fiction

By: – Aruna Subramanian


If there is any subject that would kindle interest in almost all souls in the universe, that is love. However, it is not the case when it comes to mathematics. It remains a dreadful subject to many. Reason being that mathematics was used so far as a mere support to the discoveries, researches or philosophies. Numbers, formulas, theorems and equations are thought of more as gaining academic excellence and something never consciously applied to the daily life even though our lives are bounded by lot of numbers.

Relationship holds the key to the very existence of the mankind and is a source for many problems around us. Many social issues which we witness in the modern world can be linked directly or indirectly to the relationship issues. It is a fact that modernization is alarmingly affecting the human relationships. It is interesting to note that this novel connects these two contrasting topics, love and mathematics and proposes a solution for problems arising out of one through another.

It is quite a challenge to arrive at a mathematical model to represent human choices and preferences with respect to relationships. The author had taken this ingenious task and have successfully brought out a masterpiece. The novel is aimed at bringing an ideal relationship in mankind and thus preserving the balance of the ecosystem of our species. This goal is highly appreciable and very relevant to the modern world where the cases of conflicts are in a rise. The book is unique in its representation of human relationships in the form of numbers and proposes a mathematical model to address the social issues.

Is it possible? Life is all about uncertainties. Do we really have the control of the outcomes of our decisions? Choosing a life partner for instance! The biggest decision of our life. Can we really predict the outcome of a marriage? The novel gives a satisfactory and logically rational answer to this through numbers.

It is highly commendable how this challenge has been carried out in the form of amazing story through which a reader can relate to.

The plot is well narrated and guarantees a great experience for the readers. The storyline is very simple based on the lives of two young couples. It appears to be a usual neighborhood story as one can come across in today’s life. But, when one of the men stumbles upon a betrayal and seeks an outside help for a solution, the novel shifts to a different dimension. The inquisitive character entering at the later part introduces numbers and equations in a rational mapping to the essences of life. The facts laid out by the character are quite convincing and the author have done the painful task of conveying the nuances of the mathematics to the readers in an appreciable manner.

I sincerely recommend this book for everyone to read. It would be great if this concept can be taken to a medium like movies or short film which would reach more people.

The book is available as kindle edition in Amazon.

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