“Justice in Your home”

By: Harjeet Singh


A lacerate soul for worldly gains

A queen, captive of earthly credits

And forgetting moral constraints

In the pursuit of profits.

She was Inclined to willful paths,

Despite king’s stricture she was bent

on sordid gain.

After heir she was ready

To break every moral chain.

A stargazer was invited of paramount fame.

And appeasing her with befitting words,

Beyond any doubt, you would mother a son,

But at the cost of one hundred alive goats’ burn.

Churchgoing man(king) retorted firmly.

No need of such creature,

On the behalf of colossal crime

‘Though you are object of my affections

But my consent in this case would never be won’.

Sobbing before king, she squatted down,

And uttered, being a woman not as a queen

‘I entreat you, let me live alive.’

But king circled back to his chamber with

severe soliloquies.

For the sake of heir,

Queen secretly perpetrated huge crime

In a pen, one hundred alive creatures were

scorched with cries.

Right after certain spell,

A son came into existence

But God fearing man always uttered

How wicked man’s wicked advice

subdued Your carving, Your script,

I have been a participant,

I have been a member without any conribution.

‘You kept us just as our portion,

as regards our fate or karma,

Oh Lord! No justice in Your home.’

King became uncoupled growth from her affairs.

Being acutely churchly man never dared

to touch and caress the new born soul

His inwardness always shouted compressedly

‘No justice in Your home.’

When son became wise,

Proposal of ceremony was put and settled.

But theistic creature (king) even on the eve of

sacrament remained aside.

Queen visited his chamber and

began to weep.

‘Thine enmity is with mine,

My flower (son) never enjoyed father’s lap.

Cossetness is far-flung matter,

You never caressed tender soul’.

Between worldly bonds and spiritual norms he was torn.

With affirmative nod he set out

to accomplish worldly commitments

On the eve of wedlocks,

With shaky hands blessed the couple and

two arms hugged them tightly.

Now bride had been a member

Of new family and new territory

Some time later, home brimmed over with joys,

with the birth of grandsons and granddaughters,

Now sweet stammering voices began to utter

Grandpa and grandma and veneered past issues.

After some time, adolescent creatures evinced a desire

to journey grandmother’s home

A ship was readied,

And each and every one was set,

But king lagged by saying

Who would hold the reins

of kingdom in his absence?

What’s more he was not feeling well.

All ignored him and his excuses and departed happily.

King felt interested in watching them away

with constant gaze.

Yet ship was within sight,

It began to descend in the lap of halcyon waves.

Forthwith, everything sank before his open eyes,

Worldly man’s heart also sank

King of great power could do nothing

except converting open palms into clenched fists.

Now King and kingdom were alone

With shrill cries he hunkered down,

Now past forgotten issues began to dangle

before madid (wet) eyes,

Voice trembled as he was made to speak,

As words came from heaven

‘Justice in Your home’.

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