Da’gbolu – a reckless bush burner

By: Olatubosun David

See a young man smoking burrow
All alone in that bush
He did so last year
And burnt my farms of precious crops
Striping me bare of costly income
And sending my wives and wards
To the dungeon of hunger and thirst

What does he seek
For goodness sake
By making this
Tunnel of several kilometres?
Those things he seeks have pulled off his cloth
See him sweating profusely
Like a trapped miner
Rescued from the pit of hell!
Only the gods of the land
Can console his helpless victims
Who lost their farms to his ravaging fire

Look Da’gbolu!*
Wise and smart are these creatures
That you hunt in their kingdom
For they craft their home under the rock
With sufficient security
To add to your effort and pains

Now that the rodent has broken away
Through another tunnel behind the rock
Come and go home
Time it is to go home
Your wife is waiting at the window
Looking at the clock on the wall
Expecting your return
Your lunch prepared with okro soup
And sufficient meat from the butchery
Is cooling, awaiting your arrival

Categories: Poetry

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