‘Beauty unclad’ and other poems by Nathaniel Okolo

By: Nathaniel Okolo

Beauty unclad

Beauty unclad
You sought me out
Joy filled my heart, I made the list
I remember it as it were tomorrow
For I seek it to happen again

Beauty unclad
You sought my company
On a dark and dreary night, no moon in the sky
You desired that I walk with you
Thread through the mist with you
Your eyes implored, your lips beseeched

Beauty unclad
The forest stood before us
Dark and gloomy, foreboding yet irresistibly inviting
The wind drew us in, the owls hooted us on
The crickets chirped, enter foolish ones
Face set as granite, yet fear in those eyes
An already conquered foe is fear, let us thread together

Beauty unclad
You came to my door
Step into my realm
Let us stare into each other’s eyes, as our souls sit akin
Touch touching thought
Thought touching thought
We melt into a singularity

Beauty unclad
Our cries reach unto the heavens
With incense, our tears are presented to Him
We become duality again
He authorizes our ripping
But in singularity, you took my heart
And now in my left, there is a cleft
But I do not bleed blood, I bleed you


Sit and Stare

Most times I sit and stare,
Sit and stare at my mind
I would like to think that it is more than it is,
But deep within the deep that I stare at,
I know it is not.
But it is not less either,
I might never be great, but I will never be a lint.
For even if I leave nothing else, I will leave my thoughts
Thoughts that are now words,
They might not inspire, like kiyosaki’s
Or make you weep, like Poe’s
But at least everyone who reads them will know,
Know what birds flew in and out of the head of the man with eyes like flint.
My departure may turn out like my entrance,
An indifferent life deserves this, probably
But my passage must be marked, there will proof that I was here.
My heartbeat will grow fainter
I will hear the trickle of my own blood in my ears,
But I will not see my life flash before my eyes,
Another lie of an indifferent life, probably


Peace – Confusion

What do I feel, when I look at her face
I feel confusion
But when I look at another’s face
I feel peace

But my heart does not want peace
It wants confusion

Peace is so calm, confusion is wild
Peace is gentle
Confusion is petulant, opposing, opinionated
Peace is so welcoming, compassion, not so much

But my heart wants confusion

Peace says “remember to dream of me”
Confusion says “okay later”
Peace says “how is your back feeling right now”
Confusion says “I told you not sleep in that position”
Peace is my “querida”
Confusion is “angel betallador”

I want confusion
I still want confusion

Peace trusts me with her heart
Confusion disbelieves everything I say
Peace asks “what happened”
Confusion asks ‘what did you do this time”?
Well at least she asked right!

Confusion sets my heart racing
Peace calms my spirit
Why don’t I want peace?
Why do I want confusion?
Why do we want what is bad for us

Don’t tell me the “heart wants what the heart wants”
The heart is too selfish
It should give the head a chance to choose too



I used to think I wanted to know you everywhere
Not anymore
I still want to know you
But not on the outside
For outside you are a pretender, like we all are

I want to know you on the inside
Not on the outside, were your smile is pasted on
I want to know you in the quiet. When you cry
When your smile tugs at your lips in truthfulness
I want all the little quirks:
Like you talking in your sleep

Lying on your bed, thinking about the world
Your face when your imagination runs wild
When you are thinking of talking chairs, and walking tables
When you try to give a face to prince charming,
Those are the times, I want to know you

When you are angry
When all you want to do is scream
When you are just waking up, the makeup not yet on
When you have bags under your eyes
I want to frame the way your face looks, when you taste the juice, and its sour
So I can hold this image in memory, in time, forever

I want the furrows which crease your brows when you study
The animation that fills your eyes then is breathtaking
Thou art spectacular in the quiet
For then your true self comes out
But each time you step out, the façade comes on
And the light slowly but surely goes out from your eyes
Is not that death?
I used to want to know you everywhere
Not anymore


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