Poem: Professor B.N Thapar said

By: Harjeet Singh

Donate books when scanned
You would not dismiss from mind
Like lala Hardayal (a scholar).

I recall my days,
Your wine mask, gainly profile
Like you mine was gules(red).

A well-groomed young soul,
Knack also runs parallel.
A rising genius.

Before drawn-out spell
Sir, your augury went true,
I have been bookman.

Iambics, trochee,
rhyme ballads have been my prey
And vice-versa.

Besides, I have made
A personal stanza in
Literary street.

Seven line stanza
And seven syllables in
each and every line.

Because my first name
contains seven characters,
Expressly “Harjeet”.

“Former vs latter”
And “Humanities teamed up”
To boot, “Sans Soulmate”

First two poems got
Printing in United States,
Last, in canada.

Oh! surprisingly,
You were discussed oftentimes
But never thought hard.

Categories: Poetry

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