Poem: The Monarch Butterfly

By Mark Kodama

Monarch Butterfly

The monarch butterfly pauses and hesitates
Bending the orange flower under its weight,
Before moving on its way
To fulfill tasks of its busy day,
Trivial to us but important to him.
The ant struggles to lift the leaf,
Stumbles then triumphantly
Carries it to the anthill.

Sunset will soon be upon us.
The sun will set
And rise again on the morrow,
One of billions and billions
Of stars in the universe,
Stretching over the vastness of space time.
The pale blue dot turns,
A speck in the cosmos.

We race to and fro on our busy day.
We have many promises to keep
And miles to go before we sleep.
Civilizations rise and fall
The great and the anonymous
Are born and die.
We are made from stardust
And we shall be stardust again.

Categories: Poetry

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  1. Wonderful poem! My favorite thing about Monarch Butterflies is that their migratory path actually spans across several generations. That is, each generation is born in a completely different environment, and with a completely different migratory path, than their parents and their parents before them. How can they possibly know how to live or what to do? And how can instinct adapt and be passed across several different generations. They are fasinating little creatures.

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