Poem: My heart sings the blissful song

By: Anupama Mishra

In my tranquil mind,
I don’t know the reason
For what my heart is happy
And also do not know the cause of the sadness.
The joy comes but doesn’t last long
Alas,the sorrow is much familiar to me,
And it always wants my company,
I bowed down by the humanly sympathy
gave shelter to the tears under the shed of my eyes,
The tears feel good in my eyes
And I feel bad to let them out posthumously.
I don’t want anyone to let know
the source of tears in my eyes,
I don’t want to loose my precious treasure.
These are the pearls of sympathy and intense love,
forever they will live in my eyes,
Forever I will preserve them safely,
In my deep heart and dry eyes.

Categories: Poetry

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