Melody and Brown Eyes

By: Stephanie Kezia F. Henson

I wrote to a song and it’s all about you.
It’s all about those brown eyes.
Those brown eyes that made me fell in love.
Eyes that made my world filled with colors.
But those eyes are liar.
They made me fall in love
But also made me fall into pieces.
Million pieces that can’t be back into one.
I will close and blind these eyes up
To avoid falling for you again
But you made me fall in love again.
With those melody of our song
Song that made our memories came back
Let me be free from these memories
These memories that made me feel sad day by day
Let’s cut this string that was connected to the both of us
Oh, I forgot you are connected to someone new
And I’m the only one who don’t want to cut this string
Let me cut it off now
Let the string be connected to you and your new love
Erase the memories we had
Change it with new
Change the melody of the song i made
And put into grave the love we had.

Categories: Poetry

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