A creature of one thousand years

By: Harjeet Singh

A grieved soul bewailing the death of six
sons right after their birth.
When she gave birth to the seventh child,
She found it better to abandon the baby in the forest.
She had been only too superstitious because of the death sequence.
With dejected heart, she set out to abandon,
She opined, “she is the most unfortunate
creature on the planet”.
She held her ill luck liable for former deaths.
She handed the child over to a hermit in the jungle.
But on seeing him, hermit laughed and
declared “A creature of one thousand years,
Accept it as God’s bestowal”.
Nervously, she came back with the child.
As per the prophecy of hermit,
the child survived.
Before teenage he took “Naam Diksha”(words given for spiritual voyage) from hermit and began to practise spiritualism.
Gradually, he got otherworldly wisdom.
His spirit visited many spiritual regions
He knew the riddle of spiritual truth.
He dwelled in a temporary hut made of wheat straw.
When the sun shone radiantly
from the East side towards his hut,
Then he used a wheat straw sheet to protect
his sitting place from flaming rays,
When the sun shone from the West side,
He again changed the direction of the sheet.
In routine he used to change the location
of the sheet from time to time.
People mocked at him and uttered
You are a creature of a thousand years,
Why you devoted yourself to such cheap tasks,
“Why you believe in artificial life”.
Since your long life had been guaranteed by solitarian(hermit).
Now you should earn scads of money,
And you should situate a permanent grand abode.
But reciprocating, what is to be done with that,
Because I will not survive in perpetuum.

Categories: Poetry

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