Two corona virus poems by Harjeet Singh

By: Harjeet Singh

“Terror of Corona Virus”

An adolescent boy began to weep when he woke from sleep with jerk.
It was a psychological dream as government
had exhorted public to imprison themselves in home because of corona virus,
Until circumstances are comfortable.
But kid in dream had gone public place,
He had played with his peers.
He had whispered in their ears while playing with them.
He had touched many ones with his hands
He had touched his own eyes, mouth, lips with same hands time and again.
With same hands he had drunk and eaten from some store.
While returning home two constables wearing mouth masks stopped him in the way.
And scolded him for going outside the home.
And they told,” you know well patients of corona virus in the city are augmenting speedily.”
You should be in the know about former deaths”.
In dream he got awareness about this terrible disease that it was strictly probhibted to go outside.
He shouldn’t have visited the play ground.
In dream he had forgotten about corona curfew.
He was without mouth mask and senitizer.
Now he was worried that he would have been victimhood of corona and his whole family would be affected
If he enters home.
He chides himself for perpetrating such huge mistake.
He thinks that his days are numbered now.
He bewails with loud cry and wakes up from sleep.
His whole family besets him,
The second they listen to his painful voice.
But he shouts at them go away, “don’t come here, don’t play with your life.”
I have been Corona virus patient.


“Psychologically sick because of Corona”

Kids are peeping through windows.
They watch here and there while standing on roofs.
They fear to touch themselves especially mouth
and eyes.
Sanitizers have been costly,
People are preparing sanitizers at home.
People fears to touch the furniture and other luggage in their home.
Because they had to wash their hands after touching them.
People have been slave in their home.
They have been yardbird.
People have been psychologically sick.
They are washing even locks and keys.
They have washed bike and car keys with anti-germ soap.
They are cleaning the gate and door handles
after pouring senitizer on cotton.
Kids are playing with balls inside the home after washing them.
They are playing video games on mobiles.
They are watching television expecting that when as government would declare freedom of going anywhere like past days.
Through whatsApp and calling people are sharing their views and problems over Corona.
People’s hands have been dry after washing them time and again.
Because now the question of life has arisen.
They are cleaning their mobiles with collins.
People fear to touch their own preferential things promptly.
They have to develop thought process before touching some material.
They wash sanitizer bottles before using it.
When some etching occurs on their face, nose or eyes,
They graze the affected portion with shoulders.
They forgot to believe their hands.
They keep their towels dry while hanging them on wires beneath the intense heat of sun to avoid germs.
New towels have lost their colours.
People roam in their homes while wearing masks.
They wash their hands after touching currency(rupees, dollars)
Because currency comes from different nations.
Its circulation is all over the world.
People shrink back to visit nearby hospitals and medical stores without any major cause.
People have stored medicines for general temperature or sickness.
Because hospitals are open for corona patients.
Healthy people are afraid of being infected.
Necessary things for people are being delivered at home with one phone call namely medicines, liquid milk pouches, dry milk pouches and other indispensable items.
Women are giving birth to babies in traditional way with the help of midwife.
There are a few things in homes to whom they touched a few days or a month ago.
At that time corona had not been rife on all places.
They touch those things with some hesitation.
As corona vanishes after particular spell of 12 hours.
People are washing packed items from outside after getting food delivery.
They take bath quickly after coming in contact with someone and wash predictably affected clothes.
People don’t open their gates if some neighbour from colony knock at the door.
So while taking precautions people have been psychologically sick.

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