‘Everything is fucked’ and other poems by Mike Zone

By: Mike Zone

Everything is fucked

Writing poetry
honey-comb moon
Allan in purple dream haze
in search of toilet
he just didn’t have the heart to tell her
he wasn’t the man
she was searching for
the night before
everything fucked
nationalized pizza delivery
hobo’s hosting baby knife fights


Web of life

caught dead rotted
waiting to be consumed
never eaten by the architect
god is dead
eight-legged influence
ancient inept
hungry ghosts
web struck
follow the thread
the beast is nearing
not so near
the web is electric
DNA mind afflicted


Not quite 2am.

I dreamed, I was dreaming again
the man in the window waved at me
the cat jumped in my lap
we shared a bowl of cereal
following nocturnal peppermint mists
she doesn’t make me feel dead like the rest
wandering through minefield catacombs
throwing away trivial childhood treasures
where haunted memories can no longer grasp
but only rage in the horror
a loss of control
it’s like I woke up
started to live again
for the first time

Categories: Poetry

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