Poems: ‘He never becomes former’ n ‘Fragrances’

By: Harjeet Singh

“He never becomes former”

His grandeur remains stable
Despite the ravages of time.
No other rank is immune to ex-
Mortals become victim one day
But his art is perused and spread.
Voluntarily he espouses the department
of liberal arts.
With tiring efforts he wins favours
And makes a farm in others’ hearts.
His primordial target is to earn name and fame,
Hearty voice on befitting issue,
He carves embroidery on sheets
and on the sands of heart.
Infinitely his art remains
as current and vogue is great.
His art describes the era and span
And creatures, rituals and traditions of his time.
From beginning to end he encounters with
the calibre of language, themes, subject- matters
and universal forms.
Sometimes he speaks heart’s matters through characters.
He chews the dish of disinterestedness and honesty
In hey day his art is studied by myriads,
After eternal rest, he is the choice of millions
From start to finish he remains
the pulse reader of crowd.
He remains wordless until his mentation speaks.
He reduces his own tastes for the sake of theatre.
His long voyage in literary world is archived as a record,
Creature of liberal vein, no stranger to
grip the current issues of his time,
He fritters away whole life in papers and ink,
He never becomes former.



Fragrances showing tender relic
of departed, olden issues,
Panoramic view of pastness.
Recollections of antique days.
Sundered stickum acting toscin
Heavy errand to discard them.
Person passing sideward pavement
Though he be without acquantaince.
Whiff of passerby when passes
Stranger swells when ticker’s timbre
Former visions dangle nearly.
Feelings tower touching summits.
In remoteness, whiliom rhythm
Lyrics echo into mollusk
Flowing stations after listen.


Past fragrances when smelt after long time and songs when heard in remoteness.

Ticker– heart
Mollusk–ear shell

Categories: Poetry

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