‘You are the painter of the world’ and other poems by Ajay R. Sawant

By Ajay R. Sawant

Photo by Olia Nayda


you are the morning mist
a stargazer on day
you ask me to walk on the sidewalk—
and walk with me too

you are the eternal lier —
the hope bearer of all
the brother of every woman
the shine of every man

you are all
salt, milk, honey &
a perfect poem



and my god I pose to rest but got dormant for a year



a bird down in one hop or twos
he plays with a balanoglossas balancing himself of own ride
in this land of blues
there he’s got no abide

no one by his side
he drinks freedom and eats lies of sacrifice
oftentimes unknown who sees him and who not
i am a bird convenient

darkly he often flies with light wings– a pair of beaded eyes
his eyes carry a hope, you know what I am talking about — he is full
a lust life as he turns, in this meadow of green — no tangerines no reds seem
as graceful as his velvet


Ajay R. Sawant is a high school student and steadily rising poet living in Pune. He is passionate about writing, mainly focused on areas of self-discovery, power and politics. He is an active public speaker, an art activist and editorial chief at a Globalage Poetry

Categories: Poetry

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