By: Victor Azubike

Drag racing- rapid acceleration
The orbit spins
And spirals
On the cartwheels.

And molecule
Proportionately in motion.

Flashbacks – flashforwards
Nimble fingered
Eyes on the dashboard
Ears on the ground for sound-

Hapless drunken stagger
On the interstate
Fated fate on Sunday evening
Surge back and swift swerve- pure instincts.

Muttered prayer
Inanities-ear splitting tongue
Honed articulation
Gullible pedestrian
Contemptuous motorist.


Victor Azubike is a Nigerian writer and lawyer whose Short Fiction and Poetry have been published by the Literary yard, Africanwriter.com, FictionMagazines(Romance) and Voicesnet. He was long-listed for the Online Writing Tips Prize For Short Fiction 2018. He currently lives with his wife and daughter in Abuja, the Federal Capital territory of Nigeria.

Categories: Poetry

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