Virtual Reality (VR) for You – Dianne and Will

By: Reynaldo W Duar Jr

Have you ever wondered if a virtual reality world would make your “real everyday” world just a little bit better?

Something to just take your mind away for the problems of life?

What if a VR device can do that and from the comfort of your own home?

Well, let’s explore those possibilities.

Our story begins with our characters, Diane and Will.

Diane and Will are busy people and both work to stay busy. The year is 2027.

It’s Friday and Diane and Will have had a long week.  They frequently communicate with their grown children, but their children are even busier in the  cyber-tech world, be it gaming and artificial development, automated delivery services or virtual zoom calls with patients, all the children have professional jobs all integrated in this high tech computer society.

Diane and Will’s youngest son has just gifted them the latest 10th generation Xbox VR device, a few weeks ago. According to the manufacturer it can do everything for controlling household appliances and powering “on and off” timers, of all kinds, of the various devices in their h0me. This VR device also can process Take Out orders and it can buy virtually anything you can find online. Better yet, their son is on the design development team for this piece of

hardware. Diane and Will’s grandchildren are not that far behind in the tech industry, either.

Anyway, like smart phones and tablets were new, up and coming technologies that Diane and Will’s parents had to learn to use, this VR device, let’s call it Maxwell One, was something new Diane and Will would have to learn eventually because as the decades past, the old technology were obsolete and they had to keep up with times if they wanted to enjoy the benefits of today’s technology, in their reality.

They thought they would try using the VR to enjoy some of the things they never did in reality, like sky diving, skiing, climbing Mount Everest, for example.

One adventure that interested them both was “Walking with Jesus”.

It has greatly improved since a “VR on Jesus” first came out in the early 21st Century.

Diane and Will were surprised when they opened the VR box and with very little charge to it, the VR responded, “Hello, Diane and Will, My name is Maxwell One”.  Diane and Will looked at each other in amazement and then they both said “Hello Maxwell One”.

They were surprised that it only came in a box, no paperwork, no protective wrapping, just a plain box with a label on the outside that said, Maxwell One, first edition.

Diane called their son, who had gifted them this device and their son said it’s all programmed and ready for them from the factory when he ordered it for them. So, he was kind enough to program the VR for them.

Prior to receiving a Maxwell One VR home system, an applicant had to fill out an application online giving as much information about all aspects of their lives. This would enable the Maxwell One VR device to immerse each customer with their very own unique experience in the VR world.

Diane was amazed initially h0w much Maxwell One knew about their lifestyle and household chores, hobbies and even favorite TV or movies (genres).

Diane liked comedies, cooking and science fiction shows, Will liked science fiction and thrillers, however, they both liked curtain comedies and faith based movies and shows. But, in any case, they both agreed to give Maxwell One a try.

Diane and Will first tried Maxwell One together. In their initial trial they were fascinated with Maxwell One’s endless choices and the experience was so intense that Diane and Will had to pause for a moment just to get a reality check.

As the couple muted their mobile phones, turned off all automated answering equipment in the home, related to the outside world and with all computers in sleep mode, they immersed themselves back into Maxwell One’s VR reality world or realm. Both Diane and Will decided to be astronauts on a mission to Mars on their so-call “maiden” voyage into Maxwell One’s VR experience. Diane and Will opted on this choice since science fiction shows and movies were something they both enjoyed.

Maxwell One was state of the art. Not only do you feel like you are there with it’s amazing 4th Dimension specifications, your entire body feels like you are in the experience. As your are immersed into this VR experience, every turn you make, everywhere your eyes can see, you are in another world, virtually. Diane and Will could hardly begin their so-call Space adventure, as they were just mesmerize. As new users, they had to pinch themselves every now and then just to make sure that this as just virtual reality and not for real. Of course, that pinch had little affect. This technology left no stone un-turned.  It was absolutely amazing. The tech giant that created Maxwell One’s VR technology has come a long way since our desktop computers, laptops, computerized wrist watches, virtual assistant mobile phones and the like, just to name a few.

This technology is so amazing that it goes beyond your natural physical senses. Maxwell One’s VR experience allowed its users to not only see and hear, but to touch, taste and smell the experiences ar0und them.  Maxwell One’s technology removed the limitations of the human reality and physical world.  So, of course Maxwell One warned it’s users about motion sickness, if Maxwell One detected a rise in temperature, any anxiety, any feelings of claustrophobia, depending on where you are during your VR experience. For example, depending on the game played, space ships may have some tight spaces an astronaut has to get into during space flight to check operational systems onboard, just like real astronauts.

Anyway, on Diane and Will’s so-call maiden voyage via Maxwell One, they sat on their lounge chairs at home and strapped on the VR. Maxwell One covered not only their eyes but surrounded their heads covering their eyes, as well. Almost like a football helmet. As the experience began, their was a feeling of almost weightlessness and the lounge chairs interacted with the VR experience. In their reality, almost all the devices, appliances and furnishings in the home interacted with Maxwell One’s Intel chip processing system. This alone mesmerized its users during the initial interface with the device.

Maxwell One automatically adjusted its sight and sound volume on each person’s device. It was amazing how little Diane and Will had to do to start using the Maxwell One. As Maxwell One monitored each users peripheral vision, audition, gustation, olfaction and tactition or the basic five senses that all humans basically have, the gamer did very little to start playing. But, Maxwell One, as advance as this technology is,  has yet to reach the pinnacle heights of the human body. Maxwell One has it’s limitations. We have yet to see what future versions of this extraordinary VR device will bring our ever increasing cyber tech world, as we know it.

Maxwell One’s vast knowledge of the human body is so advanced that besides the VR experience, this technology has aided the medical field in many human advances in medical science and in this Century.  Diane and Will are blessed to see many human ailments eliminated due to this wonderful technology.

Now, back to our game, Diane and Will continue to experience their maiden voyage into Space. Everything was so realistic. From the NASA control station to the physical and mental training that actual astronauts have to go through before space flight. Maxwell One won’t even continue the program until players can pass the pre-flight extra-vehicular activity training in the game and Maxwell One has to confirm its user has passed procedure training.  Maxwell One even explains the rehabilitation process, or return to Earth realm, as NASA does with astronauts, as well as training on virtual experiments they will mimic during their space flight.

Diane and Will choose the beginner “starter level” in order to get accustom to Maxwell One. Even then Maxwell One requires that each player go through a pre-flight training because  the space flight is so realistic that it can raise heart rates and increase CO2 levels in breathing. Maxwell One is designed to keep its users calm if heart rates and breathing levels go beyond abnormal levels. But, each player has different tolerance levels, so Maxwell One’s technology, being pre-programmed prior to being shipped to users, has a 98% success rate of providing the experience users expect and surprisingly surpasses expectations of 99% of its users. Plus Maxwell One has the option to give players full control during games or give limited assistance until players get accustom to the game(s).  Fortunately Maxwell One does have a brief simulated sample of each game. Maxwell monitors players breathing and heart rates to give the player the best possible virtual experience. This brief simulated sample allows Maxwell One to adjust any unforeseen limitations that each user may have forgotten to mention in their submitted application.

Diane and Will did see easier games to play on Maxwell One, like Bowling, which Diane and Will also liked to play. But, they also liked a challenge. So, they agreed to try out the NASA Space Training Program VR game, first.

As both Diane and Will start the VR experience, we are transformed into their reality VR game. Here we see how it all starts. Diane and Will started out by meeting each other at the NASA Astronaut Training Facility in Houston, Texas. They were both amazed because neither one of them, either Diane nor Will had ever been to the Johnson Space Center, so the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory that Maxwell One took them to was an actual replica of the astronaut training facility, as well as the neutral buoyancy pool operated by NASA.

Maxwell One is actually the leading VR device backed by NASA and its trainees at the Sonny Center Training Facility. Next to actually training at the Sonny Center Facility, NASA has approved the use of the VR device for its trainees.

Of course the Maxwell One VR device sold to the public is programmed for public use and some technical aspects related to the NASA program are not included. But, realistic enough to give any gamer, of any level, an experience of a lifetime. Maxwell One gives any gamer an out of this world experience. No matter what game they play.

It was hard at first, but Diane and Will hung in there. Without leaving the virtual Earth, Diane and Will had to go through a tough extra-vehicular activity training. Maxwell One does allow players to pause the game if they need a break. During the first few times that Diane and Will played the Space Game, they did have to stop and take a break. Maxwell One acted like a coach giving each player the stats on where they were in the game and where they had to go prior to space flight.

Part of this training is to help gamers understand that 0nce you are out in space, doing a space walk, for example, you have to get back inside your space craft before you stop the game. Just like in real Space. Maxwell One can pause the game for emergencies or urgent needs to stop the game or if a break is needed right away, but Maxwell One tries to train it’s gamers to understand the reality of being an Astronaut. In real life you can’t just pause the situation. That’s what makes Maxwell One games so realistic. You experience reality, but on a virtual world.

Diane and Will went through a few simulated motion-based training sessions that Maxwell One has set for about only 15 minutes. Way less than the actual standard amount of approximately 300 hours of training prior to space flight, the time required for real astronauts at the actual facilities in Texas. And this is only in the space simulators on Earth.

As, they continue Diane and Will go through a series of activities that simulates the vibrations, noise and views the actual astronauts experience during shuttle launch and landing. This in itself is quite extraordinary for the gamer as every detail down to the exact placement of each device and exact facility dimensions, down to each bolt and nut. Maxwell One has not disappointed. Maxwell One is on point every step of the way. Wow, Diane and Will are almost hypnotized at this point. This realistic adventure is truly out of this world.

As they near completion prior to the Space craft take-off, a fixed-base simulator is used for rendezvous and payload operations training, and a functional space station simulator is used to train Diane and Will in the use of the orbit laboratory’s systems. The Space Vehicle Mock up Facility was yet another surprise Maxwell One presented. During this training Diane and Will are transformed to the moon in full gear, magically, as they train on the full sized mock up of the shuttle’s flight deck and shuttle space vehicle. Maxwell One guides the first time gamers around this moon ride, so they can return in time to prepare for the actual Space Shuttle departure soon to start in it’s initial countdown. Lastly, Station mock ups of the complex’s different habitable elements help familiarize Diane and Will with the station’s layout and last minute reviews and tips before their virtual first mission.

Suddenly in future technology style, Diane and Will suddenly find themselves back at the Space Station all suited up and ready to take off on their maiden Space voyage to Mars.

Still in a daze, Diane and Will glance at each other as they hear mission control count down for take off. Maxwell One keeps constant communications with not only the Space Station Control Center, but continues to reassure Diane and Will that all their previous training has paid off as they prepare to go where no person has gone before. Outer Space and then on to Mars!! To another W0rld and if successful, Maxwell One offers the chance to go to other galaxies in our vast universe, not in light years, but within just half an hour with the VR’s Super Charged Hyper-drive, much more faster than the speed of light, but tens of thousands of light years in a mere hour.  In this Century NASA has already explored various other galaxies and to the benefit of our gamers, now Maxwell One can give the Space enthusiast the same experience.

Now, as count-down ends, the Space craft takes off. Diane and Will take a deep breathe and as they look outside the windows of the craft they see the planet Earth as their craft leaves and goes into deep space. Maxwell One lets Diane and Will know that they will arrive in just minutes with Maxwell’s hyper-drive technology. This being said, Diane and Will talk about what they expect to see and do when they arrive on Mars.

Once on Mars, Diane and Will use the supplied Space Vehicle to tour the planet. Amazed during the tour, they can actual feel the sand of the ground on the planet, they can pick up the rocks and everything is so real, that even when they bump against the ship or vehicle as they move, they feel it all. They feel the warmth of the sun and the artificial environment inside the shuttle and even the space food is realistic. When they eat or drink, their bodies taste and consume the products. Maxwell One is amazing. This 4th Dimension VR is ahead of the modern times, technology wise.

Once Diane and Will finally return to Earth and ended the Space simulated game, they are so fascinated that they called their son to share their experience. Their son expected nothing less.

The following week, Diane and Will explored some suggested places and things

Maxwell One recommended based on their personal profile that Maxwell One had already uploaded into its systems prior to arriving to the residence of Diane and Will.

Surprisingly, Maxwell One gave Diane and Will different virtual realities this time based on their individual profiles. Diane started her virtual reality game, this particular week going to a club she had been to before outside of the VR experience, in her real life, Club 1965.

At first, Diane was wondering why Maxwell One would start her virtual reality in a club. It had been years since Diane went to clubs and even then, she did not frequent them that much. But, it did not take long for Diane to find out why ?

Diane had vaguely remembered this Club 1965 once the VR experience began. However, she thought it would be nice to visit the club again. Just this time, in virtual reality.

Diane’s virtual story now started. Diane was sitting by herself in a small Club. Maxwell One had already picked out an outfit for Diane based on her profile. She was already inside the club when the VR game started. Diane was amazed as she looked around for other people or at least, for Will. Diane was dressed in one of her favorite dresses and Maxwell One did not miss any details. From head to toe, Diane had her hair done, an amazing dress on and stylish shoes to match. Maxwell One even had a touch of make-up on Diane’s face to suit the occasion.

Maxwell One told Diane that this VR game was for her, but she could request Will in the game, if she wanted to. At the moment, Diane told Maxwell One that she will wait and see where this VR game goes. Diane knew that Will was in his own VR game, at the moment, so she continued on.

While waiting for the show to begin, Diane noticed the sign on the door. It read Club 1965. At that point she thought she recognized the place, but was not sure. The club was dimly lit and had four or five tables around her, each with a white table cloth covering circular shaped tables. Diane saw no one at the bar that was located on the side of the showroom. There was a dimly lit spot light covering the small stage of the showroom. Diane also heard soft low playing music, in the background. Diane continued to look around and she heard what  she thought was a familiar voice say, “The show will start momentarily”. She was  a little scared that she was the only person in the room, but she knew that this was just a VR game. Diane assured herself, she thought in her mind, “This is only Virtual Reality, this is just virtual reality”. Maxwell One reassured her that she could pause at any time, but being curious, Diane told Maxwell One that she wanted to wait for the show to begin. The advance VR game even had a drink appear, as Diane was thinking she could use a drink. Amazed, she sat there and waited for about just five minutes.

The drink was a Dr. Pepper with light ice, the way she drunk it when she did drink a soft drink. The glass was cold to the touch and the room was cool with central air circulating around the room. As she consumed her drink, the soft music in the background increased a bit and the spot light was slowing turning up, while pointing to the small stage of the showroom.

As the light increased on stage, Diane stopped sipping her drink and looked towards the stage and she saw a banner that read, “JUST FOR YOU”.

At the same moment, as the sound of the music increased, to Diane’s surprise, she recognized her favorite singer, Joey Coco, which was just a nickname, but she knew who the singer was. The show was of course realistic and all in 4th Dimensional style. Maxwell One knew all of Diane’s favorite songs, too.

The show began with Joey saying “Hello, Diane. Welcome to the Show”.

As the show began, Diane was delighted to see Joey dressed in his iconic outfit that she had remembered when she went to the show before. Diane felt so special because this show was just for her.  Diane continued looking toward the stage and thought in her mind, “Wow, this show is beyond my wildest dreams”. Who would have thought, that Diane would be sitting in a Club, sipping her favorite soft drink and enjoying her favorite artist, while he played her favorite songs? Diane thought this was better than a dream. Maxwell One monitored Diane’s delight, but said nothing as the virtual reality show continued on.

To Diane’s extreme surprise, this show turned into any female’s ultimate fantasy.  Without a second’s thought, as if Maxwell One could almost read her mind, Joey kept performing, but stepped down off the stage, slowly approaching Diane. Joey then took the drink out of her hand and as Diane continued to just glaze into Joey’s eyes, Joey began to sing softer and lower, but as he sung, he admired Diane’s dress and body by slowing touching her hair, then slowing exploring her body. Slowly moving his hands from her head to her face. Then from her face to her neck.

The intimate encounter increased Diane’s anxiety, as her body temperature began to rise slightly. Joey continued to sing, as his words collated with his actions. Diane had slight perspiration coming down her forehead, during this initial encounter.  Diane was almost frozen, but finally  had the courage to touch Joey, as well. She touched his hair, then his face, then his neck. She almost touched all the same areas that he had touched as he continued down her body. Diane still had her dress on, but that would not last for long.

Diane also admired the stylish outfit that Joey had worn for this show. Diane never imagined in her wildest dreams that she would go this far. Because this was just a VR reality game, Diane and Will both had a little guilt, at first, but both of them knew that this was just Virtual Reality and did not feel that they were cheating on each other. Especially since during these initial first trial days, they were both exploring the games and didn’t know what to expect.

Now, Will was so into his Virtual Reality ball game that he did not hear Diane’s reactions to her Virtual Reality game. They were in close proximity to each other, but far enough away not to interrupt each other’s Virtual Reality games.

As we flash back from Will’s VR game to Diane’s VR game we find Diane in deep interaction with Joey. This concert session turned into a hot, sexual encounter that Diane could almost not control. Diane almost lost all sense of reality during this session. So, just as Joey touched her lips again after coming up from touching her legs and feet, she and VR Joey became intimate and I don’t have to say that this encounter was better than anything Diane has ever experienced. This was 4th Dimensional Interactions.  Maxwell One had no limitations. As the VR Joey touched her hand, her face and her body, Diane felt a c0ld chill throughout her entire body. She spilled what was left of her drink off the table as Joey sang softly, but continued to interact with Diane. Then Joey asked Diane, what can he sing for her? She was speechless at the moment and Maxwell One just continued with another one of her favorite Joey Coco songs.

At this point, Will was so immersed into his own VR game that he did not notice how Diane was reacting to her own VR experience. Based on the applications that Maxwell One VR program reviews, most of these games have Parental Controls, so that each game is restricted to it’s individual user. So, if a family had small children, they couldn’t just strap on the VR device and go into someone else’s VR experience.

Diane was glad at this point for those game restrictions since her experience was tailored for her alone and extremely private and intimate.  As her VR experience continues, Joey CoCo continues to sing softly, but at this point Diane’s dress is barely on and she doesn’t even remember when her shoes came off. Joey continues to explore all of her body and she almost forgets that he is singing to her as she is feeling every inch of his hands touching her body. She is extremely aroused at this point and Diane is completely immersed in this game. Diane is completely amazed how she is also able to touch Joey’s body and feel each inch, as he continues to do the same, while singing yet another favorite one of her songs, softly and in a low tone.

To make things interesting Maxwell One then switches between a few of her favorite Singers once things seem to get beyond control. At almost a twinkling of an eye, Diane still mesmerized by the total experience is yet fascinated again, as the characters change, the music changes, with each character and Diane has her one-on-one interview with each. Each character introduces Diane to their world. Diane learns what motivated the artist to get to where they are. She gets to interact with their instruments, she gets to sing duets with each one, as she likes. She even gets to reminisce with the artist as both Diane and the artist reflect on music creativity and Diane even has her input on where the artist can go next. What songs to create that could be the next mash hit, etc.

At this point Maxwell One already senses that Diane has had her fill of sexual climax well beyond what she expected when the VR experience began.

In a quite whisper using the VR  character’s voice that Maxwell had chosen, based on the current character that Diane was interacting with, Maxwell One asked Diane if she was okay and if she needed to stop for a moment or just stop for now.  Breathing very heavily, while still immersed in the VR experience, Diane can hardly respond to Maxwell One’s VR character.  Almost out of breathe she says, “Yes, please”, but in her mind, she wanted to finish the game. Unless the gamer asked to stop the game, Maxwell One’s job was to continue the VR experience to it’s conclusion.

So, after interacting with various characters that Maxwell One thought Diane would enjoy, Maxwell One switches Diane’s VR character back to Joey Coco.  At this point, Diane takes another drink, straightens out her dress and continues the game. Diane also realizes that she was in the same showroom all along, near the table where the experience all started. Leaving her shoes off as she sits at the table again, Joey Coco continues the show. Again, asking Diane for any request.

Diane also wanted to learn how to play various instruments that Joey knew how to play. Maxwell One allowed Diane to have lessons and in only a 4th Dimensional way, Diane was able to interact with anybody in her VR games sessions. Almost seamlessly it did not take long for Diane to learn each instrument that she wanted to play. Diane then joined Joey Coco in a duet, backed by the instruments they played. 

After a few instruments and duet that Diane learned instantly during game play, she thought her VR experience was finished.

Based on her preferences prior to starting the Maxwell One VR experience, Maxwell transformed Diane into another reality.  As we see a virtual cloud of smoke during the transformation, Maxwell One begins yet another VR experience for Diane.

This time Diane had an apron on and she was in her own kitchen, but not the actual kitchen, but an exact replica of her home’s kitchen in the VR game.

As this VR game started she suddenly meets Mary, one of her favorite Cooking and Baking show host. Diane was surprised pleasantly that she was able to be a guest on Mary’s show. During this VR experience Diane was able to cook or bake anything she desired. Mary coached Diane along the way, but in only Maxwell’s VR 4th dimensional style, everything Diane did was so realistic, from the preparation, to the baking or cooking to the tasting, smelling and touching of all the food items. It was so amazing, she couldn’t wait to share her experiences with Will and other family members.  This VR game even allowed Diane to scrap an item and start from scratch without much effort. Since cooking and baking was a favorite hobby of Diane’s, she decided to try the Maxwell One’s VR experience first before attempting to bake or cook any new items. The technology was so advanced that Diane could fix mistakes in the VR games and most of her real life recipes came out perfect every time. Diane loved the results.

The following day, Diane and Will decided to try more of Maxwell One’s VR games. At this point, Maxwell One was taking almost all of their free time at home.

Diane was also athletic, as well. So, during her next Maxwell One VR game session, Diane desired to play on a women’s Olympic baseball team. Most games were easy, but very realistic. If Diane got hit by a ball, she felt it. Shockingly, when Diane or Will took a break from VR gaming, they had the bruises to show for it. So, each one had to be careful what games they played, not to show each other or friends and family that they had bruises from VR gaming, which was a little embarrassing. Maxwell One’s laws of physics in the gaming world were very close, if not exact to our real world.

This lead to regular VR interactions between Diane and her deepest desires. Each one more realistic than the last. Maxwell One brought out Diane’s deepest, never told before fantasies and encounters, not only on this world, but in places that even Diane had not known. Maxwell One dug deep and even though it virtually frightened Diane at the end of each game, she was hooked. Diane did not even know herself after each game. She explored more and more. So, did Will. They loved playing adventures together, but also enjoyed the personal VR experiences based on their individual profiles. Diane and Will did not know which they enjoyed more, but both were definitely hooked on Maxwell One, at this point.

Will has fallen into the same mesmerizing virtual world of endless games.

Will played professional sports, Will traveled with a virtual Diane to endless parts of the Earth and  Maxwell One offered more and more. Surprisingly, Diane could have Will in her VR games, while the real Will was still playing on his own VR experience because the virtual Will was an exact replica of her husband.  She was even able to tweak her characters to her liking. Maxwell One had almost endless possibilities during gaming for the user. Will was able to do the same for his VR character of Diane when she was in his VR games, while Diane was still playing in her own VR reality, at the time. Just for fun Will and Diane would change their virtual reality character’s hair color, eye color and even dressed their VR characters as they pleased. For Diane and Will it was fun seeing their virtual counterparts in the game in a different way. It was all part of what Maxwell One provided to make the games interesting and fun.

Maxwell One’s program was designed to hook its gamers. So, when Diane wanted to go somewhere in virtual reality with Will, Maxwell One created a virtual Will, the way she wanted him and Maxwell One did the same for Will when he wanted Diane with him on an adventure. Yet each gamer was able to continue their own game. Options with Maxwell One’s VR reality was almost limitless. These options were available weather Diane was home or weather Will was home. Each gamer could add any VR character that they could think up into their own VR experience.

Maxwell One now knew that its objective had been met. Has the VR world overtaken the real world?

As our story continues, we now see some of Will’s VR experiences.  As Maxwell One transforms us into Will already ongoing VR game, we see Will doing some of the things that he probably won’t do in real life. His VR experience starts as he is climbing to the top of Mount Everest. The highest of the Himalayan mountains. At approximately 29,032 feet, it is considered the highest point on Earth.

Here we see Will as he just finishes his climb to the top of Mount Everest. However, being a VR game, Maxwell One controls the oxygen and Will is able to breathe normally without the restraints caused by being on top of the actual Mount Everest, where the air has little oxygen to breathe and climbers have to be properly equipped to conquer this treacherous climb to the top.

His quest in the game is to find remains of Noah’s Ark, as Will had learned in stories told to him in childhood.

It had always been a dream of Will’s to see the discovery of Noah’s Ark.  Maxwell

One reminded Will that even though he pleasure was to climb to the top of Mount Everest, Noah’s Ark actually landed on the mountains of Ararat, located in the far Eastern part of Turkey, Armenia, near the border of Iran. 

So, after Will reached the top of Mount Everest, Will looked at the majestic scenery all around him. It was absolutely amazing. But, as Will looked at the world from this amazing summit, suddenly, Sir Edmund Hillary, a New Zealand mountaineer and explorer appeared in the VR experience, along side Will. Joining Sir Edmund Hillary was another mountaineer, Tenzin Norgay. These two men were known to be the first two confirmed climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest. So the two gentlemen congratulated Will once Will reached to top the mountain.  Will did not recognize these men, but Maxwell One gave Will a brief history of their climb of Mount Everest back in 1953 and it made Will’s experience a bit better knowing that he was in company with men who had actually climbed and made it to the summit of Mount Everest. 

Thanks to Maxwell One’s programming getting to the summit of M0unt Everest for Will was not as difficult because Will did not have the limitations of no oxygen as he continued to the top. Of course, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzin Norgay, scoffed at Will’s VR accomplishment.

As Will and Diane continued some of her favorite VR experiences in adventure, cooking and baking, Will is now transformed from Mount Everest to bobsledding with the Olympic Team. “What a ride!”, thought Will as he explored all these VR experiences, not only for the first time in VR reality, but for the first time in his life. He had never dreamed about doing of these activities in real life.

Will wanted to experience a super boat ride. So Maxwell One had Will pilot a super boat. Will even reached speeds near 162 miles per hour. Will had never thought that a boat could go so fast on water. The vessel hardly touched the water as it sped across the water. Will also had the option to have virtual reality crew members onboard to assist with these games, as the experience could be a bit overwhelming on these extreme sports.

Will was not done yet, next Will flew a jet plane, a military grade MiG. Will first prepared for this flight. Will put on all the gear he needed for a jet pilot. Once Will on board, Maxwell One assured Will that he will guide Will along the way.

As Will took off, the jet’s speed increased rapidly. With Maxwell One’s guidance and as instructed, Will started by climbing up to approximately 85K feet. Once he was there, the jet MiG plane reached Mach 2.6 or a little over 1500 miles per hour. For Will this adventure was an exhilaration beyond anything Will had experienced this week during the VR games he had played. Like Diane, each adventure was more exciting than the previous one.

As Will flew he glanced out the window of the jet plane. The land masses below and the clouds above were barely viewable, due to the extreme speeds of the jet plane. Will could only barely see each image as it came into Will sight and peripheral vision. At this point Will was wondering how many times could he go around the world at this great speed. Not being used to such speeds up in the air, Maxwell One help guide Will as approaching objects in the air came upon him so quickly, as Will increased his speed.

Next, Will had always seen a Bugatti Veyron on his trips to Rodeo Drive near Beverly Hills. Will had heard that the vehicle was valued at over 2 million dollars. So, you guess it, Maxwell One delighted Will by giving him a chance to drive the Bugatti Veyron at speeds nearing 253 miles per hour.

Just so we can see how this adventure began, Will found himself inside the vehicle. Will strapped on the seat belt, checked all his mirrors and took off driving. What made this adventure unique was that Maxwell One used Will’s profile to have Will drive on some of the most exotic roads in the world. Many that Will had only heard about. To test the limits of his speed in a Bugatti, Will started out on many famous race tracks, where only the sky was the “speed” limit.

Will even drove on the famous Autobahn in Germany. The various speedways were as exhilarating as driving the Bugatti Veyron, itself.

Next, in Will’s next VR experience, Will had always seen bull fighting, too, so Will felt it would be safer to try it in virtual reality, than in real life. However, this time in virtual reality, Will ended up with 3 broken ribs. In reality, he did not have 3 broken ribs, but he did feel the pain and brushes of three broken ribs.

This VR experience started as Will found himself in the middle of a bull fighting arena. Maxwell One reassured Will that Maxwell One will aid Will, if necessary.  So, as the bull fighting experience began, Will was a little afraid as the large bull came out of its cage. Will knew that this was a VR experience, but he couldn’t help but think how realistic the whole experience felt.  As Will looked around he saw no one in the stands of the bull fighting arena. However, Maxwell One will not intervene unless Maxwell One felt the experience was too dangerous to continue on.  First the bull saw Will and began to walk towards him. Will was holding a red cape since the beginning of this VR experience and standing in the center of the arena. After a while, the bull goes from walking towards Will to running and charging towards Will. Bravely, Will holds the cape in front of himself and stands there as the bull approaches.

Will’s temperature rises and Will feels sweat come down his forehead as the bull approaches faster and faster.  During the first pass, Will swipes the cape in an upward motion as the bull lowers its head and tries to hit Will with its horns, but misses.  The bull quickly turns around and makes another attempt while charging directly towards Will.  This time the bull’s horns miss Will again, but the bull’s massive body hits Will in the hips while it turns during the charge and Will feels the impact of the bull’s body on his side. Will tumbles to the ground while losing the cape in the process.  The bull snorts angrily and with blazing red eyes, the bull makes eye contact with Will.

As Will gets to his feet and picks up the cape, the bull charges again towards Will. This time Will notices not only the cape in his hand, but he now has a sword in the other hand. Maxwell One encourages Will to focus only on the bull approaching, nothing else. As instructed with noticeable nervousness in his hands, Will raises the cape slightly as the bull is suddenly upon him and with the other hand uses the sword to drive it into the side of the bull. As the bull falls to the ground after being impaled by the sword, the force causes Will to also fall to the ground. But, now the bull suddenly disappears and so does the cape and sword. Will realized that he had conquered the bull after just a few attempts.

At this point both Diane and Will decide to take a VR break. As Will looked at Diane and as Diane looked at Will, they both examined each other’s body. They giggled as they discovered the various bruises that each had as a result of there VR experiences. What at wild ride! They kept the most imitate parts of their adventures private, as agreed at the beginning, but shared some of the most amazing adventures neither one had experienced in VR or in real life.

Fortunately the bumps and bruises from their VR experience did not last a long time. Generally it was gone within 24 hours or less, depending on the activity that each gamer had played.

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