Literary Yard is an e-journal that aims at widening literary horizons by identifying and featuring the best literary works awaiting publication. The idea is to tender budding as well as established authors a constructive platform which helps them to reach out to a mass audience. An ever-increasing repository of quality, critical articles, poems, short fiction, literary essays and reviews, Literary Yard has won recognition and honors from reputed platforms. Recently Literary Yard has been ranked among the top 100 best Literary blogs on the planet.

The e-journal seeks to offer a constructive platform for book lovers, readers, writers and creative artists. All budding and struggling authors from all over the world are welcome to share their short works.

Onkar Sharma is the founder and editor of the e-journal. He is committed to promote the literary arts in India and around the world.

Literary Yard is a non-profit platform. The founder seeks your cooperation in order to maintain and promote the e-journal. We seek your donations.


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  1. Just now I was going through your e-magazine. I am liking it. Do you publish translated works from other Indian Languages into English?

  2. Good morning! Last night,when I discovered this e-journal,I immediately submitted an essay, a short story, and five poems. So, I was wondering, how can I know if my emails had been received? Thanks you in advance.

  3. I agree with you that the best words are those unread. As an unpublished poet, I’m secure in that feeling. There is a bliss in developing one’s craft in an anonymous space of total privacy.

  4. Literary Yard is an ideal platform for both emerging and established writers to showcase their talents to the literary world. It is simply a repository housing an efflorescence of creativity. I wish the editor, Onkar Sharma the best of luck in victoriously sailing the boat of Literary Yard across the ocean of English literature.

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