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By: Tony G. Rocco Oscar had been in the museum most of the day, roaming its marbled floors of paintings, installations and sculptures, when hunger and thirst drove him into Denizens. The […]

Poem: Once

By: Cynthia Pitman Not too long ago, the backyard had an old orange tree. Too tall and very spindly,it one day split a dry crack down its trunk, sealing its fate. After […]

Three Journeys

By: Srinivas S (for Preethi, who was part of the best of them) It seems almost clichéd these days to say that journeys are more important than destinations. In my case, though, […]

Poem: Human

By: Ron Ridenour Human is inhumane Greed is human Humanism is inhumane Exploitation is human Oppression is human Repression is human Torture is human Murder is human War is humane Love of […]

Negative Butterfly Effect

By: Kim Farleigh “Hello,” Abed sang out. “Welcome to Hebron.” “Thanks,” the tourist replied. Palestinian dresses hung from coat hangers above a trestle before Abed’s business, red thread, in black velvet, like […]

The Refugee

By Mark Kodama Le and his five friends launched the eighteen-foot bamboo fishing boat into the gentle white tipped surf of Cam Ranh Bay. It just was past midnight on the moonless […]