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Vestigial wings

By: Aruna Subramanian The caged canarypreserved her wingsfor another day,when she couldspread her songsacross the blue sky.Days & nights flew bybehind the closed doors.She waits and waitsfor the dawnthat might recoverwhat lay […]


By: Deogratias Kagali Malicious intents,All over the invitation,Bad be done right,Plan of evil must be laid. The invited pride clouded,Showing off a habit.Feet of fragile clay,Astray their path’s destination. Full of oneself,Made […]

Making Allowance

By: Carl “Papa” Palmer Pleased with my brand new door lock knobs,chrome, smooth, tapered, anti-theft,no ridge to grasp with a coat hanger,I swing shut the door to my truckwith the keys dangling […]

A lunch

By: J.D. Diaz After closing, when all the diners and most of the staff were gone and he was done cleaning his station and knives, he helped Javier with the dishes and […]

I wait

By: Melissa Graham I wait again.I am not your expectations.I wait for you to feel me, hear meI wait for you to seenot my hairnot my skinbut the soul that lives within.I […]