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‘Fourth image of fear’ and other poems

By: Hardeep Sabharwal Fourth image of fear Man fearsWhen his pocket is fullAnd is alone on the unknown path Man also fearsWhen according to the fixed format of the routineA loved one […]

Missing NYC and down

By: Itay Eisinger Above allI miss the MOMANot the museum itselfBut the concept. Kissing byBethesda FountainTo confuse the cops,Finding that tinyFrench restaurantHardly known even to its owner–The forgotten Polish philosopherWho helped Lech […]


By: Rebecca Dempsey I stutter and eventually say hello. Because I have to start somewhere. In a dialogue, a greeting is as good as any place to begin. Yes. I’ve been waiting. […]


By: Jim Bates Two brothersWandering hills and fieldsBreathing the rarefied airWalking through deep woodsCool and greenTromping across warm meadowsFragrant with wildflowersThey’d stop along the wayField books handyIdentifying what they observedMeadow rue and […]