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The Renaissance of Criticism: A Post-Postmodern Manifesto

By: Trevor Anthony                      The dignity of the artist lies in keeping alive the sense of wonder in the world.                                                                                            –  G.K. Chesterton      The world loves nothing better than to blacken […]


By: K.McAllister Day 36: I’ve come to the conclusion that she is not coming back. The halls have been void of sound for a while now,  once the skittering of mice as […]

Lilly Necklace

By: Seneca Schwarz A proud voice slithers its way through her otherwise crowded orifice.“Your maze of tubes won’t hinder me from getting out and consuming her.”It said, “I’m almost finished here, but […]

Fruit Fight

By Russell Richardson “Did you fuck with my fruit?” my wife called through the open bathroom doorway. We had long ago abandoned the formality of shutting the door when doing our business. […]