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By: Roopam Mishra Create hegemonic circles,To feed them against one-anotherProhibit mingling among thoseWho belong to different groups.Be a propagandist,Move in pomp, and show,Be verbose,Shun all opposing voices.When a fairly good number alludesGodly […]


By: Cat Sole One: Shoebox             This was stupid, he thought as he dug. The dog was dead. Definitely dead.             The stupid yappy thing. Glenda loved it, doted on it, insisted […]

The Green Guide

By: Sara Mahmood Ushered into a pathBy crushing crispy grassI witnessed an invitationFrom the wilderness The hanging creepers waving with windGesturing like fingers of a maidenI accepted and went onFor it was […]

Clear Vision

By: Mary Marca “Ha, ha, ha! Whoooeee! That’s really funny!” The sound of Dick’s laughter reached to all corners of the bar as his eyes darted about, checking the reactions of his […]