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By: David Desiderio My wife came home from work early and took me by surprise with the question, “Who were you talking to?” Charlie and I usually held court at the kitchen […]


By: Chris KasselBy Wim—short for William—lived in a tall apartment building in the middle of a blustery big city. The building had a narrow little staircase and hallways full of stank, but […]

Licence to Kill?

By: Mirela Meister-Terzaki The Troubles in Northern Ireland: a topic that has captured the attention of the entire European continent. Blood curdling events, senseless bombings, tit-for-tat shootings & atrocities that sounded the […]

Poem: Illusions

By Gabriela M cemeteries open tombs scream flesh and bone yellow multiplication of sunsets space and time sink in nervous equations illusions of an unknown speed a crow gets strangled in a […]