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Sucking In: A Fable

By: William Kitcher John was just a baby when his parents realized that there was something strange about him. John’s mother tried to breastfeed him, but quickly gave it up when she […]


By: Anthony Ward You thought this house was haunted. Those years we lived here. Until you were too afraid to stay any longer, and you fled, leaving me alone to look back […]

Ash Wednesday

By: A.J. Ortega It was my fault, and I knew this only when I was kicking through charred furniture, books, and two-by-fours.I hoped that I’d find the red lunchbox, only half-melted, and, […]

Shattered Face

By: Erik Priedkalns Where’s Happy now?Why’s it so hard to get that fix?Lows stay forever,Highs go like an LA snow.What about you, Smiley Face?Softly speaking, Calm.Never heard a single word.Never saw the […]