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By: James Aitchison You, with all your turmoil, will find peace.No longer will you wander through earthly stages,Suffering, bearing grief,Unaware of the presence of the wheel.Find the balance between strength and weakness,Retain […]

Desert Mother

By: Sheila Henry I see the destructionFlashing flames on the TV screenIt’s 2003 a time marked in historyA fiery storm rains on a city—BagdadBuildings aflamed that make a fiery graveNo discretion implementingA […]

Open House

By: Ranjit Kulkarni At the open house of Vidya Niketan School, all students sat in uncomfortable silence. Most of them were with their mothers. Some of them were with their fathers. They […]

Another Age

By: Anthony Ward The aged man sat aloft in his chair looking towards the fireplace. Flames danced ritually, stretching into the air, before being swiped by the wind that whirred down the […]

Like Gods

By: Deryn Cressey-Rodgers When we were young, we danced like GodsAnd burned like angels.Original sinners, sinning strongBut frailToo poor to pay the costOf crossing.Feinting, falling, freedom-fightersLiving off scraps from the grail-fires,As the […]


By: April Mae M. Berza Love is political. And so is lovemaking.Voting for democracy of desiresseemed illogical but we foughtfor this freedom as you expressedthe purest intentions to me.When we visited the […]