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By Mike Hickman Janson rode through the black. His steed, freshly acquired from a sleepy costermonger who’d had the bad fortune of staying the night in the same inn, seemed appreciative of […]

In the face

By: Robert Mitchell     “I want my … I want my MTV,” became the familiar buzz phrase, reused worldwide and brandished across all media like a tidal wave tsunami of conformity. With […]


By: Aruna Subramanian Oh, words!How Powerful are they!Much has been said,Much has been heard.Strong, sharp enoughTo stagger my heart.Can’t blame anyone, but myself.should’ve been wise.should’ve been cautious.should’ve been better.Can’t blame anyone, but […]

Farm Kids

By: Dennis Vannatta Leon and Georgia Price had been married long enough that their grandchildren were no longer cute and cuddly and frankly not much fun to be around, so now each […]