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Her Right Thigh

By Linda S. Gunther It was 4:00 p.m. on Thursday afternoon when Gavin Harbison applied the shaving cream to his face and neck. He picked up his razor, preparing himself mentally for […]

Guitar Lover

By Karen Lee Stradford You’re all plugged in,amplified.Long neck,flat, pear-shapedwonder. I awaitthe piercing soundof your strings. I am happy.You move meto a thunderousapplausewhenever you playThe Blues.

Prince on a Trumpet

By: Christopher Johnson He mounts the bandstand like straddling a stallion, his hair in a magnificent pulsating swirl, his suit narrow and twisty, his shoes sharp and pointed, a gold chain caressing […]

‘Stay’ and other poems

By: Jasna Gugić STAYCover me with your beautyFill the cracks in my heartWithout youI’m dried up sourceA standing riverI’m the road whichLeads to nowhereSilent in helplessnessAll alone without a splendourImpersonal viewsStaring at […]