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‘Shifting Through Photos’ and other poems

By: Jim Brosnan Shifting Through Photos They never returnedto the gravel paththey hiked last Octoberor the woodland landscapewhere they spent hoursunder naked silhouettesof hickory, maple, and birch. In this photographshe wears a […]

The Moon and Her Love

By: Manasi Maharana Amidst the gloominess of night,The moon instills tendernessand aroma of love. It radiates..The love that’s serene,The love that’s virtuous,The love that’s delightful.As the night deepensThe love inside intensifies.It seeketh […]

My Son’s Dream

By: Khemendra Kamal Sarwan was cremated three days ago. Tonight, a well-known singer came to sing kirtans. The makeshift shed was full of people. A group of women encircled Sarwan’s widow, who […]