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’15 minutes of Fame’ and other poems

By Karen Lee Stradford 15 minutes of Fame My dream came true.I finally got your attentionafter being unnoticedfor so long.I feel like a celebrity. I’m happy to bethe center of your attraction.But, […]


By: Arikewusola Abdul Awal What do you think the flowercarries in the dawn? Mist? No.It’s the tears it sheds at the fare-well of the moon. The gerbilnever strays the noon; she mournsin […]

Four Winter Haiku

By: Jim Bates Sunlit snow fallingTiny flakes frosting the groundSparkling and gleaming. InterconnectedFrigid cold and bright sunshineWinter’s Yin and Yang. Cold affecting brainSnowy visions of penguinsHappily dancing. Lonely owl callingEchoes a winter’s […]

Sleep it on

By: Alan Berger The drinks kept flowingThere was no sign of slowingShould leave now and sleep it off before workBefore I pop yet another cork After an undertow of oblivionI decided to […]