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A Date with Spring

By Anita G. Gorman It was spring, finally, at Ashleyville College in the lovely town of Ashleyville, Ohio. Hortense Lilymadden was teaching English 211, Introduction to Fiction, Poetry, and Drama. Her class […]

Robert’s Weekend

By: Bruce Levine Friday ended without incident. Another week over and Robert Jamison felt that he’d earned his weekend off. As he got ready for the evening he wondered what he’d do. […]

File number 51

By: Ken W. Simpson Potholes in the Ocean Infamous legacies from the rich and religiousbetrothed to blandishmentsBlessings from an invisible and mythical deityMan-made and threateningDangerous exhortations from political patriotsdonations happily acceptedPremonitions of […]

Shimmering Path

By: Saharsh Satheesh The rain just wouldn’t stop. Accompanied by the wind, both screamed for their lives as lightning crackled. The thunder feeling inferior let out a bellow that shook Earth to […]