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Poetry And Me

By Sheila Henry How can I ever be a poetwhen destiny has not yetknocked at my door!Muses show up daily, tho, asking“What you gonna pen today slacker?”Sounds muffled by cobwebs blocking my […]

Paint Job

By Keith LaFountaine             The tenants in 217 had called Matthew about a mold problem, declaring it to be a “god damn national emergency”. The call had produced an eyeroll, the type […]

Garage Sale

By Eliza Mimski                                            “Love comes when you least expect it, Lah. At least that’s been my experience.” Lah and Mr. P sat out in front of his Victorian home in aluminum lawn […]


By: James Aitchison Why did I write a particular poemon a particular day?What strange convergence of forcessuddenly came into play? Did I catch words as they fell free from God?Were my thoughts […]


By: Bluford Birdsong Jill shuts down the treadmill after running three eight minute miles, proud of herself and thankful for a couple of hours alone. Still panting, she opens the stainless steel […]