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Tandav (Cosmic Dance)

By: Chandra Shekhar Dubey The rhythm woven in swift stepscascading light dispelling fear,evanescing darkness.The howl of storms spellingmystic hiatus between creationand destruction in feast of fury.Cosmic energy unleased in torrents,breaks the silence […]


By: Tamoha Mukhopadhyay Last night exasperation ravaged my door,Manifesting futile loveMy vanquished soul broke into merciless tremors.The walls of my heart painted surreal shadows. Anguish blared in the tune of my anklets,In […]


By: Anthony Ward             Will painstakingly painted the same scene over and over. Like Monet’s Rouen Cathedral. Except this was no cathedral. It was the stone wall that enclosed his own back […]

A haunting litany

By: Moulay Cherif CHEBIHI HASSANI A haunting litanyOf love that can’t be deniedPainful absenceLoss of fragranceOf a fallen liveHere and there, livedSo much bitterness swallowed! And the end of the road a […]


By Ranjit Kulkarni Why did God give the human species the intelligence to invent the mobile phone? Sitting alone in a plush restaurant in despair, young Rakesh Oswal threw his phone away. […]