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By: Umar YB Not in tilling the land,in harrowing it or inmaking the ridge. Won’t be reluctantto irrigate the fields whenthe heavens are way stingy. Burdens me notto enrich the landwith dung […]

The Preferati

By: Benjamin Oku “Push! Push!!” Those were the first words I heard as I opened my eyes to this world albeit with some strange creature who had five slender legs pulling me […]

Who was he? What was he?

By Robert Feinstein There are these elderly men …  I don’t think they are actually rabbis, who spend their days roaming through Jewish cemeteries, looking for the bereaved.  Give them a few dollars and they’ll […]


By: King Buohien Ediare The cloud amassed ingredientsfor the funeral of the day.First, it was brightwe were masters of the day.Later duskwe started returning to our roots. Now asblack as beneath the […]

Why I Ate So Much

By James Bates I never did figure out where the voices were coming from, but they were there, that was for sure, day and night, whispering, “Feed us. Feed us, now.” So […]


By Chandra Shekhar Dubey Silent night whispered tosalubrious day .“Where have you lost your noise?”The day tweaked -‘in lockdown’I always keep in my sleeve and clockSo do I now-They created malls, shops […]