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The Muse

By: Adam Kluger It’s weird. The business of meeting a muse.  The artist known as Dreck didn’t expect much when he started an online correspondence with a mystery woman named Cricket who […]

Abel’s Cats

By: Michal Reiben Nia ushers the reporter into her sitting room. “Please sit down, make yourself comfortable.” “Thank you.” He drags a wicker chair towards the table and perches himself on its […]

A Chance to Live

By: Padmini Krishnan I felt that something was not quite right as I boarded DSL-231. Vimmi seemed relaxed and her eyes shone with excitement. We were going home to Sheila. I opened […]

Flying Dreams

By: L.W. Smolen Heck hit the street on their 30th Wedding Anniversary critical-mass disgusted – and not just with Seattle. He headed out his hotel front door onto Western Avenue, passed-up Eno’s […]