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What the Sun Can’t Heal

By: Joan Gelfand Blood Memory By Gail NewmanMarsh Hawk Press, 2020$15.00ISBN: 978-0-9969911-9-3      The strong and steadfast Los Angeles sun no doubt has restorative powers. Well-being emanates from its bright light, an outdoor […]


By Robert Prochaska Bud sat soaking his gout-ridden feet in warm water. The purple flesh that had ballooned to three times its size at his ankle made me flinch. As I turned […]


By: Mihika Saraf The color Black,Black is an ominous color,It represents the sign of death and sadness,It is the colour of the silence, the language in which the silence utters consequences,In ebony […]

Dream of Disillusion

By Clark Zlotchew Plunged into darknessalleviated by flaming torcheson rough-hewn rock walls,damp walls of a cavern.Flickering flames cast shifting shadowson stone surface in disturbing dance.I plod and I trudge in slow motion. […]