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Uriel Fox Runs for Mayor

By: John F Zurn Uriel Fox enjoyed his many discussions with his fellow citizens of Newton. Nearly every evening, he’d meet group retirees and enjoy coffee and stimulating conversation. One afternoon when […]

What is life?

By: Abdul Hadi Haleemah I wonder and wander,Through the thickest part of,the forest with thorny trees,In search of the meaning of this haven; life I swam the depths of the seaand asked […]

After Laughing

By:  Dennis Vannatta It had been Roger Barr who phoned the office, but it was his wife, Connie, who answered Earl’s knock on the door.             “Roger can’t talk to you right […]

Tails from the Whirligig

By: Stephen Kingsnorth From swirling wash to swirling stringon spinning top is this world of spin.Stick-sprout upturned umbrella ribs,invert pyramid, caged cup, gust dip,with no still pocket for retreat, butupdraught airs sight-hidden […]

Feel the Hope

By Edson Sambala There are tough moments in life,Times when grudge expressed in words,Pulling down efforts invested for the future,Though water which has been poured downIt’s hard to have it in a […]

The Hill

By: Don Tassone Henry Valentine sat straight up in bed, awakened by the morning sun, thinking he had overslept.  Confused, he looked over at his clock.  7:18.  His heart raced.  Is this […]