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By: Patrick Tong after K-Ming Chang & Topaz Winters Let us, my father reminds me in our bedroom / kitchen /lobby. Let us forcep the facts, a forensic of friends,first-timers, and foes. […]

Brief Case

By: Alex Andy Phuong A personal caseThat includes aBrief momentIn enigmatic time.Dealing effectivelyWith the sublime.Time does pass byBy and by,Yet the ones whoActually do tryTake the initiative,And move through actionThat could causeReactionsRather […]

Honoring George Floyd

By: Dr. Gulshan Ara (Unarmed George was killed by a white police officer in Minnasota, USA, on May 25, 2020;This poem is dedicated to “George Floyd”) O, George, you are the voice […]

‘Black pool’ and other poems

By: DS Maolalai Black pool something sickly stumblesand shambles from the sea,splasheslike black pools,rippledthrough black water. somethingwhich grows wartsand lank grey feathers,clucks and callsitself Dublin (dubh linn)and spreads itself outsouthward to Brayand […]