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Poem: Time

By: Changming Yuan Is definitely not An indefinitely big orange But we have cut it Into regular slices of carpels So thin and so tiny We can no longer get the taste of […]

Poem: Gossip

By: Ranjeet Sarpal A love affair that Begins as a gossip Has more chances To survive In the jungle of emotions Than An unexposed love affair Running the risk of being suffocated […]

Poem: Ahead

By: John Wells  From the car’s window we look toward a quietude of lightning in the faraway, lightening once in a while, the way fireworks illuminate our decline into the whatever awaiting— the […]


By: Ranjeet Sarpal Effervescence of despair Too pretentious to camouflage its manifestations . Wrinkled face Like over marked page Reluctant smile Like that of a scared girl in a matrimonial picture Miscalculated […]

Poem: Reflections

By: Basit Olatunji Recurring phases, varying faces funny sights, humorous scenes soul-battering banters, nerve-racking manners beautiful cackles, ugly tackles Everything! Still fresh in my macro memory like a morning dew on sprouting fresh […]