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Poem: egregious character flaw

By: Linda M. Crate you are as sour as a blue berry noxious as smog ruder than an adder’s sting or wasp’s bite sharper than the thickest blade of obsidian night cutting […]

Poem: Poem of Water

By: Taslima Nasrin Translated by: Kousik Adhikari I have written one Unique poem of water Plucked out a lotus from water Red lotus Water-lotus. Whom to give this water-lotus This poem There was one […]

Poem: The Body

By: Taslima Nasrin Translated by: Kousik Adhikari Much have been said About farming, cards, history, And of the two swans Walking on the grassy field In neighbor’s house! Now, let’s talk about body. Let’s […]