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Story: The Dragonfly

By: Linda M. Crate They lived in a lonely, nowhere town. A goodbye place, a place of new beginnings or endings. It was a rural place full of dirt roads, and a […]

Story: Stay Well

By: Merlin Flower The house looked as if it resented the conversion to a clinic. The notice board announcing, ‘Dr. Baanshyam, M.D., Senior Psychiatrist. Chennai- 89” failed to give a clinical air. […]

Story: Iwo Jima

By David Hariman He’d promised Jack Borger’s widow he’d “stop by some day” to pay his respects. At the time, he never could have foreseen that a flight of steps would make […]

Story: Sisters

By: David Hariman Her makeup was garishly overdone. There was too much eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara. Her lips glared in fire-engine red lip gloss. Her fingers were tipped in acrylic French […]