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The Moon and Her Love

By: Manasi Maharana Amidst the gloominess of night,The moon instills tendernessand aroma of love. It radiates..The love that’s serene,The love that’s virtuous,The love that’s delightful.As the night deepensThe love inside intensifies.It seeketh […]

My Son’s Dream

By: Khemendra Kamal Sarwan was cremated three days ago. Tonight, a well-known singer came to sing kirtans. The makeshift shed was full of people. A group of women encircled Sarwan’s widow, who […]


By: Turoob Rustling leaves, swishing wind, and the chilly sightHeart bumming and bursting with echoes of delight Of goes the little boyscreaming and exulting full of joy Stunned by the alluring scene […]

Your Picture

By: Bruce Levine I look at your pictureYour eyes glowYour smile brightensYour beautiful countenanceFrozen in the time of a photographThe apples of your cheeksLighting your eyesWhich search deep into my soulAnd still […]