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By: J. Cassidy Hawthorne For Teddy I remember my first day. It was cold as Hell. It was the kind of cold where each thought you had was interrupted by another, single thought: […]

God’s Unlikely Hero

By: Jeff Watkins Wearing only scanty panties, Corporal Rochana Toch (a female Cambodian emigrant who looks like a skinny prepubescent girl) seductively, sinuously sways toward Corporal Daniel Selnick, murmuring, “Me so horny. […]


By: Jeff Watkins “You have a beautiful baby boy, Miss Selnick. You can hold him for a while, and then we’ll get him all cleaned up.” “No. I don’t want to hold […]


By: Alan Berger A lot can happen overnightContinue again and make it right I could come over thereYou could come over hereWill not be meeting in the middleThe middle disappeared You may […]

Edward Hopper

By: Alan Ford A hotel lobbyinhabited by solitudeimpersonal arrivals, nameless departuresa clock stops as time passes no one communicatesjust unsigned promises,broken words no one speaksonly spirits listen woman in a windowroom unfurnished […]

Free woman

By Rehema Kasanga Today we celebrate woman and freedoms she currently has.As she’s free to be her true self in this day and age. the self we recognize.the self we have shaped […]