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‘What else can I say?’ and other poems

By: Esha Sury WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY? This bone-tiredness to speak ended aspure reprieve. I dispose of my last penand a surrendered dove, as remittance, gaveits’ awareness to me in a […]

Dear Poets of the World

By: Sheila Henry I see you beyondyour humanness,your one of a kind-ness.When you recite your work, itpricks the ears of nightingales,they stand still and listen,their heads tilt to one side,they are captivated […]


By: James Aitchison See the truth within whichour lives are lived and linked.Hear the answerswhich all men have soughtin their allotted lives.You will not be burdened.You will not be mocked.Hear the Voicethat […]

The Eiffel

By: Andrea Myinga An appetite won at noonLost on facing a tableThe one entrusted to blessMake it bitter and long It absorbed aromaKilled stories going onStories of pallbearer and IAbout the best […]