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Poem: Honeymoon Dirge

By: Edmund Weisberg Unsettling. Unfathomable. Shocking. Surreal. To be sitting there eating As the bridegroom lay dying. Of course, we had no clue at the time. There had been an accident, we […]

Correct Mistake

By Eric Burbridge Maxwell Lowe, a murdering short-tempered muscular MMA champion of Penal Colony Alpha twenty miles off the coast of Chicago was admitted to minimum security for minor surgery. His stretcher […]

Poem: Tell the story

By: J. Sheeba Tell the story, The storms and the whirls, Keep repeating twirls and twirls. Along life’s rugged roads, Tempest and thunder, But I tread, still I wonder! The river of […]


By: Tony G. Rocco Oscar had been in the museum most of the day, roaming its marbled floors of paintings, installations and sculptures, when hunger and thirst drove him into Denizens. The […]