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Haunting Legacy: The Enduring Impact of Horror Comics on Popular Culture

Horror comics have a long and storied history, dating back to the early 20th century. While the genre has often been criticized for its graphic violence and explicit content, horror comics have […]

Glory Hound

By: KJ Hannah Greenberg Glory Hound Seeking praise, acclaim, renown oft results in purulent rhetoric.Such bosh, itself, forms quods from words, elsewise vituperatesInnocents. Violent language is its own ague, is societal poison, […]


By: Mariah H. N. Hawkins What they don’t tell you about being a girl is the unwritten expectation that you are somehow more pleasant to be around, or that you act better […]


By: Earl Smith He stood on the upper deck, watching the distance to Key West widen. Could not escape the feeling he was leaving part of her behind. Yet he could feel […]

There Once

By: Alan Berger There onceWas a boy we createdWe fed bathed and serenaded There onceWas a loveThat grew like a flowerLike a gift fromA higher powerSustained with tearsLike a warm lovely summer […]

Who is Donald Duck’s Girlfriend?

By Robert Feinstein                                                    It was December 17th, 1944, the second day of Germany’s Argonne Offensive … Battle of the Bulge.  A huge force, consisting of some four-hundred and ten thousand Wehrmacht […]


By: James Aitchison The Voice was speaking:The substance of life is ever-changing,while you construct unchanging attributesthat live within yourself.Man, you can be in harmonywith the world despite adversity.What of the bodily,what of […]