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‘A Tale of Two Plantations’ and other poems

By: CLS Sandoval A Tale of Two Plantations Myth of Black ConfederatesLies of those who tell themselves thatConfederate statues are important to remind us of our white heritage Imagine a Bronzed homage […]

Four Winter Haiku

By: Jim Bates Sub-zero wind blowsIce crystals form on eyebrowsThoughts of spring prevail. Warm winter daydreamsBlue sky and bluebirds singingChase away the grey Sunshine through bare treesShadows on snowy crystalsStretching toward spring. […]

Oh, to be a Narcissist

By: David R. Topper Oh, to be a narcissistis to beoblivious to being wrongoblivious to making a mistakeoblivious to making slip upsoblivious to inadvertently offending someone Oh, to be a narcissistis even […]

Dark Night

By: Laura Stamps What does she feel like today? Which postcard? Something light. Bright. A sunflower. Yes. That’s it. That’s the one. “Dear Elaine,” she writes. “This morning. On Tucker Road. Driving […]


By: James Aitchison What purpose is therein a world that wants todestroy itself? It is not for the world to say. There is a sequence in the tapestryof life, dictated by the […]