Poem: Goodbye

By: Monika Nair Dark and dense as the color in my veins, The ink laughed hard, about to run through the paper white, Beginning to start an end, I mused over what to […]

Poem: The Illusion

By: Monika Nair At two distant places…there’s a transparent me and a translucent you. As we walk together, our shadows follow us. I watch them play little games…watch them merge and then, diverge. […]

Poem: SSC-10th

By: Sushmita Kaneri 10th has such a length, I wonder when it starts and end. In the initial days all are so ‘bindass’ freak, But later the UNIT TEST arises and we become […]

Story: She

By: Shruti Sawant She was being careful. She remembered what Mummy said, ”Stick to the footpaths. The Cars might kill you.” She followed the line of tiles on the pavement. The bite of […]