By: Mayumi Yamamoto 1.When I was smallat an age unknown,someone told me thatin South Africa,angels were black,not white. In South Africa,they had apartheid as the racial segregation system based on colourwhere black […]

New Lens

By: Sushant Thapa What do you cherishAfter tired steps?There is a retiring soulThat speaks oftenBefore it diminishes.Life is a ticking clock,I hear the strikeFrom the clock tower.I find myself a wayTo look […]

My paranoia

By: Bill Kamen Another day draws nearAgain, I fall back into the shadowsWith heart-filled tearsAlone in my shelter With curtains gapingThe outside emanatesAs I build absenceFrom the outside fates Years of building […]

On the river

By: Neven Dužević On the river againMe and all the saintsOld ancestors and ancestorsOars and boatsFish and hooksOars and bowsMissing memoriesLove and fogTwo hundred to ace and cooksWhy did they drag the […]


By: John P. Drudge Pathways Keeping the secretsOf our ancestorsTapping the talesOf crumbling wallsTo the foundationOf our storiesThe pinnacleOf it allWhere we returnTo plants and soilWithout fanfareOr tributeIn particularlyOrdinary waysRising and fallingDown […]