By: Bill Kamen Another day draws near.Again, I befall into the shadowswith heart-filled tearsalone in my shelter. With curtains gaping,the outside emanates,as I build absencefrom the outside fates. Years of building routinessuddenly […]


By: Jim Bates “It’s all in the wrist,” he said“Really?”“Well,” he grinned lovingly mussing his son’s hair“Maybe some magic’s involved, too.”“Wow!” The boy looked closelyThe pencil-drawn portrait of a horse’s head was […]

Tabby Cat

By: Andrew C. Miller I’m in a maple tree, claws dug in, staring down at Mrs. Cavendish’s fluffy little Shih-Tzu. If I hadn’t been worrying about Mr. Krumholtz, this wouldn’t have happened. […]