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A Secret Door

By: Raymond Greiner Natural wonders stir awe in a display of harmonious balance in contrast to modern human civil composition. Ancient humanity was firmly attached to natural terrestrial arrangements in opposition to present […]

Rx against trauma

By: William T. Hathaway We live in traumatic times. The shock waves from wars, terror attacks, and spree shootings reverberate through our society and impact us all. For the direct victims and […]

Of The Earth

By: Raymond Greiner Humanity can benefit from awareness of Earth’s influential evolutionary cycles and its spectrum of terrestrial life exhibiting ability to adjust and meld with the ever-changing biosphere. Geographic’s form the character […]

The Grace of Companionship

By: Raymond Greiner  Companionship defines life. Instinctive thought is of long-term, human partnerships, sharing each day approaching the bond as a single unit, yet interacting in dual servitude toward shared goals. Frequently such […]

Peace Chaplain

From the book RADICAL PEACE: People Refusing War By William T. Hathaway RADICAL PEACE is a collection of reports from antiwar activists, the true stories of their efforts to change our warrior […]