Tall Tales

By Drew Alexander Ross             “Tommy threw Dad’s wallet on the roof.”             These words revealed to my parents they had a liar-liar pants-on-fire rascal for a kid.             This happened during […]

Black Hole

By: Ria Banerjee The nucleus is unstable-each atom of my being breaks away,breaks apart, micron by micron-till it collapses.Memories travel light years-to steal a kiss,to touch, to feel-to wither away in thattouch […]


By Ramprasath Rengasamy      I worked as a computer engineer in one of the fortune 500 multinational companies. I was not married. As I was bored at home, I had stepped out […]


By: Saman Rizvi “Ooonee…twoooo…Thileeee…thileeeee” Shehla is counting and assorting her pebbles in the garden; a microcosm of Khosh’ard that sleeps cozily snugging bleak fences to her left. To her right lies the […]