The Bodyguard

By Mark Kodama I.             I dreamed of the perfect woman hanging on my arm. But who was I to have these silly dreams. Short and uneducated with little in the way […]

Cyber Wars

By Adam Katcher The only sound was the occasional roar of a truck on the highway nearby. Ryan stared at the screen. Midnight had already passed, and everyone else in the house […]

My Mother

By: Alyssa Sarigumba Walking through the garage doorHearing the sizzling hot panComplementary to the pleasant smell from the kitchenWhat a wonderful mother I dribble the ball towards our basketNoticing one familiar voice […]

Tell you what

By: Alan Berger I don’t want to live foreverDon’t want to first eitherIf you listen to where I’m coming fromI will make you a believer Tell you why little babyTell you why […]