Torn pages

By: Stephen Faulkner             When for some odd reason the subject of alleys come up in conversation the people I talk to immediately presuppose an urban setting. They never think in terms […]

The Tale of Four

By: Medha Godbole Singh Shruti scuttled about in the kitchen, giving finishing touches to the pasta salad and Matar Paneer. She garnished the Paneer with Coriander and added a dash of oregano […]


By: JW Burns Alan sat in a puddle.             “…doesn’t pay enough. Twice in three months I’ve had to call my father just to get by—you know how I hate that—so I’m […]

The strand

By: James Aitchison There is a patternto which all life adheres.Earthly binds define us, incorrectly,for destiny wills otherwise.Your life is a strand on my loom.Embedded in your pure and sinner selfare qualities […]