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‘At Blake’s Funeral’ and other poems

By: John Grey AT BLAKE’S FUNERAL We were wrongto think that we werefull of meaningand that the problem wasthat we just couldn’texpress ourselves. No, we were zombiesmarching in stepwith a casket, doingour best to hold ontowhat was already lost to…

‘Ignis Fatuus’ and other poems

By: Brenton Booth Ignis Fatuus What a special periodit was. Living in aminiscule apartmentin the red-light district.Without family. Withoutfriends. Withoutfemales. Without sex.Just books, books–books! And the beliefI would be as greatas the authors of thoseincredible works.Magical years standingmiles ahead of…

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‘Mask’ and other poems

By: Aurora Skye Mask Your broken childhood was litteredby the shadows of monsters, unleashedto a chorus of screams. There liesyour father, below him your shattereddreams, that have slipped throughyour fingers like sand. The monstersemerge through the mist, taunting,the worst one…

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‘Eyes of Deception’ and other poems

By: Alshaad Kara  “Destiny” I am living those nightsWithout your smileAnd your happiness. If only you wereBy my side,I could lean on yourShoulders. But here I am,Promising toFulfilYour wishOf seeing meSuccessful. Despite theNightly gaze,I am submergedIn living in the pastWith…

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Wright County

By: Jim Bates The last week in JanuaryRolling rural farmlandNighttime deep and stillStars floating in a cosmic hazeHe stands in wonderThe old farmhouse a dream come trueEscape from the cityTo thisTo the countryTo the deep stillness and peace and quietCornfields…


‘Instant Crush’ and other poems

By: Don Kingfisher Campbell Instant Crush stepin your shoeson a sidewalkant take your sandalin your hand and smasha spider perchedon a tiled shower wall walk intoa car crusherand sitdown fly a helicopteror plane atfull speed into a hillsideor tall building…

‘Without the Red’ and other poems

By: Dr. Ernest Williamson III Without the RedFor Lady Canada Before she laid with me under the sun,we dreamt awake our dine. Rapt.Together. Penning to die Lady Septemberin Red October. Guess how we eloped without you?two toasts froth with endlessness….

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A Different Kind of Bond

By: Priyanshi Agarwal On the face it brought a bright beamThinking about them in a daydreamTaking out time even when you are busyTalking to them sometimes made you sillyStomach had butterfliesEyes shined like fireflies It was not a crushThough it…