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‘Hesitation’ and other poems

Chloe Min’s poignant collection reflects on transience and the pain of parting. From hesitating to leave a loved one to the quiet disappearance of spring and joyous moments under a rainbow parachute, her verses capture fleeting beauty. Sand grains in her “Memories” symbolize the fading past, mirroring life’s impermanence. Chloe, a student at Oak Hill School, cherishes reading, writing, and chess.

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Business Class

By Taylor Dibbert He’s settling intoHis business class seatOn a flight headingFrom DCTo DohaAnd thenHe’ll fly toSri Lanka,A long wayTo go andHe’s feelingSo gratefulFor this seat. ### Taylor Dibbert is a writer, journalist, and poet in Washington, DC. “Invictus,” his…

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By: James Aitchison See how a life can wander,unaware of its true path.All beings aspire to be eternal.Eternity is within,discovered in the silent soul.Hear the Voice that speaksuntiringly, words of peaceand purity.Honesty is the key toself and soul.Master the self,unlock…

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I’m sorry I lied

Reese Scott warns against heeding the disillusioned older generation, who’ve abandoned their dreams, turning to gin and cigarettes, physically deteriorating. At 55, they’re aware of their emptiness and inability to offer protection but vows honesty and a futile attempt to save you, ending with an apology.

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‘Uncle Ernest’ and other poems

By: John Ziegler Uncle Ernest was a thin man, bent crane-like. His Adam’s apple bobbed with his keening harangue. Also when he laughed. A bank clerk, he was invested, AT&T, U.S. Steel. He died alone in the shower, discovered by…

Elon Musk’s Bed Stand

By: Walt Shulits Is it a covert confession, his guilt gushing, grabbing him by the ankles and shaking until truth tumbles onto the nightstand or is the photo his personal meme, the renunciation of a carefully cultivated carapace, an assertion of who he really…

City of Light and Love

Daniel de Culla paints a critical and humorous picture of Paris, mocking its nicknames ‘City of Light’ and ‘City of Love’. He describes the Ferris Wheel at the amusement park as a highlight, offering views of landmarks like Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. Yet, he warns of the expensive café drinks and the undesirable taste of holy water. With sarcasm, he recounts the disillusionment in the quest for love, seeking but not finding satisfaction in Pigalle’s notorious Moulin Rouge, mocked by the dancers for their unmet desires, leading to a disappointing turn in a sex shop. De Culla’s narrative carries a caution from his father, emphasizing the illusion versus the reality of the city’s promises.

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 Spring Haiku

By: Jim Bates Beneath the tree topsA lush carpet of soft fernsBeckons one to rest. Sunlight sparklingOn water droplets fallingBirds frolic beneath. Snow-On-the-MountainSoft green and white groundcoverSoothing to the soul. After hot yard workResting under shady treesCool breeze refreshes. Cascading…

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Winter Haiku

By: Jim Bates After the snowstormWinter’s soft gentle beautySnow on evergreens. Glorious bright moonShining on snow reflectingBrilliant winter light. At the skating rinkHappy folks spin and swirlA winter ballet. Sunlit snow fallingTiny flakes frosting the groundSparkling and gleaming. Bleak gray…

fall reflection

‘Intake’ and other poems

By: James Hippie Intake The intake psychiatrist asked meif I was hearing voices,experiencing hallucinations,or believed I possessedany superpowers. Then he asked meto remember three words: AppleBroadwayPencil Twenty-seven yearslater I canstill recall them,like a mantraor form ofsympathetic magic. As long as…