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person standing near lake

‘Almost Infidelity’ and other poems

By: Paul Dickey Almost Infidelity Josie and I want to walk to the lake.Maybe a little fishing in the moonlight.Josie is Don’s new wife. Don says doesn’t want to go.This is in spite of the fact that he and Betty,…

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‘Is it even real’ and other poems

By: Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal Is It Even Real After Sylvia Plath Art dies on the pagelike everything else.I do not know magic.I am not exceptional.It seems we are alldestined for hell orheaven. Is it evenreal, hell, heaven?Where we end up,is…

asphalt road in middle of green grass field

‘Tundra’ and other poems

By: John Grey TUNDRA It’s almost midnightand the June sun is still not done shining.The day stretches widerthan it’s ever been.Night won’t come nearthe scrub alders of the tundraor the short grassthat’s been mowed by passing seasons.Landscape bathes in this…

hourglass on brown wooden frame

‘The City’ and other poems

By: Bruce Levine The City The city unfolds its wonders Cavernous streets outlining paths Glass-fronted stores and shops Eateries mingle with clothiers Each beckoning in their way Fragrances drifting through doorways Rich flavors exciting the senses Beckoning passers-by to enter…

aerial view of city buildings near body of water

‘MAAMI’ and other poems

By: Gift Ono MAAMI I danced to the tunesof deathAnd in the chaos I madeone request Turn your eyes from mymotherGrant me the chance torepay her For she has endured allmy mistakesGrant me this chance to painta smile on her…

scrabble letters spelling hope on a wooden table

Echoes of Frost and Resilience

By: Christopher Minjun Kim In the stillness of winter, when quiet descends gently,Within the walls, dusted with frost, a story takes shape.Each snowflake is different,yet they tell a different tale—a ballet in the cold. Under the snowy expanse of white,Time…

tiny insect on fluffy dandelions in meadow

‘Ornament’ and other poems

By Christian Ward  Ornament  At birth, mother placed me in a terrarium on the shelf.I learnt to get shadeunder the succulents,gather water from condensation,feed on whatever nutrients circulated like poems in the air.I sung out of boredom,watched the cork night rarely change.Rarely…

pickled jalapenos preserve preserved

Recipe: Green Chilli Pickle

By: Jhandu Cheap chillies! How fresh their green gleams glow,Now from the womb, covered in seed;Unaware, a flashing blade approaches, heave ho! Off with our tails, oh the math, were we quartered in halves?Look all at our wounded little pieces,…

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‘Sweet Rest’ and other poems

By: @stephenolaoke_ SWEET REST Sitting without a pen in hand,Memories, emotions, all coming to play,I feel my skin gently press against the sand,As before my eyes all things lay, Clear as the day,Spent in the night,Hidden among the melody stay,Carved…