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‘The winks, the nods, the passing clouds’ and other poems

By: Emalisa Rose The winks, the nods, the passing clouds And off we go, as all begins againWound by walls this stucco station.We stand along its snow stained platform. The 5:11 passing […]

Lovely deceit

By Kenya Jimenez A love story,I thought it would be.The ending unveilingmy reality.From beginning to endIt was all deceit. Felt the butterfliesin my stomach and sparkswhen we first kissed,the cliché,you know how […]

Four Winter Haiku – 6

By: Jim Bates Cold weather walkingWinter birds flitting alongSinging merrily. Sleet switching to snowIcy land turns softly whitePleasantly peaceful. Hard sub-zero coldSettling in like frozen steelBone deep and chilling. Bright full moon […]


By: Amanda Weir-Gertzog awake againcirca 4amsweat rivuletsglisten my skin slick to the touchbreathing rusheda postmenopausalpainted blush aura cherry redflashbang my headknocking sleep’s dooronto nightmares bed rest often remainsa memory, estrangedsomnambulancemy brain unchained