Literary Yard invites stories, poems, essays and articles on literature, criticism and literary trends, among other things.

Send your best write-ups in a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file. Do not send PDFs. If you’re sending poems, DO NOT make a separate submission for each poem. It makes our job as editors cumbersome.

No need to send a cover letter, but we deserve a kind email with regular/formal courtesy.

Please state your pen name clearly in the email so that it could be published along as the author. In addition, make sure your contact information appears either in your email or in the attachment.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please let us know as soon as any of your poems, stories, essays, reviews, critical pieces or non-fiction are accepted elsewhere.

No previously published works.

We are currently unable to pay. However, we understand that it takes a lot of effort to write a good piece. The copyright for articles published will remain with the author. But in the succeeding publication, do not forget to credit us.

Good luck.  We look forward to reading you.

Send your submissions to:

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  1. The effort made by this journal is extraordinary. Most journals take months to respond. This tells me someone is dedicated and making a great effort to spread literary writings. It is gratifying. Thank you Onkar.

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  3. Do you accept travel articles if they are literature related? I didn’t see a category for travel. Thanks

  4. Dear Mr. Sharma,
    I would love to submit some poetry to your fantastic journal. I have one question and would be grateful for some clarity- how long on average would a response take from your team?
    Thank you in advance for your attention!
    Aparna Sanyal

  5. I have read some very good literary stuff in this journal. Congrats to the Chief Editor and the whole Team dedicated to

  6. Hi. I would love to send my short stories to your journal.

    Do you accept work that has been posted on a personal blog with private/restricted access (not accessible to search engines and cannot be viewed by the public)?
    Or is it okay if I remove the post before sending to you?

      • Thanks. Perhaps you misunderstood me? I meant how long does it take before you read a submission and accept it for publication or reject it.

  7. Last month I sent the poem Flavor of warmth and I was so thrilled to see it in your site.How long will it remain on line? How will I save it?
    How many times in a year can I send my poems?
    Thank you
    Vanaja malathy

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