Category: Fiction


By: Nina Adel At the end of the long stretch of dollar stores, blocks of restaurants offering licuados and tortas de asada and pan dulce, there is an inland sea. A half-neighborhood […]

Paint Job

By Keith LaFountaine             The tenants in 217 had called Matthew about a mold problem, declaring it to be a “god damn national emergency”. The call had produced an eyeroll, the type […]

Garage Sale

By Eliza Mimski                                            “Love comes when you least expect it, Lah. At least that’s been my experience.” Lah and Mr. P sat out in front of his Victorian home in aluminum lawn […]


By: Bluford Birdsong Jill shuts down the treadmill after running three eight minute miles, proud of herself and thankful for a couple of hours alone. Still panting, she opens the stainless steel […]

The Muse

By: Adam Kluger It’s weird. The business of meeting a muse.  The artist known as Dreck didn’t expect much when he started an online correspondence with a mystery woman named Cricket who […]

Abel’s Cats

By: Michal Reiben Nia ushers the reporter into her sitting room. “Please sit down, make yourself comfortable.” “Thank you.” He drags a wicker chair towards the table and perches himself on its […]