Category: Fiction

Cinnamon Fire Angel

By: Brian Michael Barbeito There was an ugly man beside me. I am heavily trained and practiced in anti-oppression frameworks. I was perhaps the star social service worker of my Provence, perhaps […]

Angel in the Grass

By John RC Potter Opening Frame “If I don’t get around to it, I hope one day you will write my life’s story.” Years ago my maternal grandmother told me stories about […]


By: Rebecca Dempsey I stutter and eventually say hello. Because I have to start somewhere. In a dialogue, a greeting is as good as any place to begin. Yes. I’ve been waiting. […]


By: Bruce Levine It took Reggie an extended period to get all of his books organized just the way he wanted them. While his system was based very loosely on the Dewey […]

Perfect Teeth

By: David Patten Daybreak, mist rising from the surface, the chatter of tropical birds and primates from the dense rainforest flanking their small boat.  It’s long and narrow like a canoe, Elliot […]

Art Gallery

By: David Patten Amaya can’t suppress a wry smile.  An item of gossip has reached her.  It seems there are those intent on labeling her a witch.  Such an archaic term, unused […]