Category: Fiction

House Hunting

By Brigitte Whiting Saturday mornings, Eve and Jim shopped for houses. They’d driven since early morning following the map she’d marked with sticky tabs. Each had been a no, again. Some were […]

Coming Home

By: Bob Kalkreuter It was almost midnight when they drove through town. The wet asphalt glistened red, then green in the moonless wash of the traffic light. Above, rain-swollen clouds roiled and […]

Jenny’s Language

By: Bruce Levine Jenny spoke. It was a language only she understood because she’d made it up herself. Actually she wasn’t the only one who understood it, her dog, an Australian Shepherd […]

Lydia Graham

By Dan O’Neill Lydia Graham, the most prominent critic, social commentator and sexual adventuress of the 1970s,was actually born in Helena, Montana as Mary Quinn. She chose her first name from the […]


By: Jack Coey Judson walked by the funeral parlor and read the sign: Foley Funeral Parlor: Cremations & Burials. He was in his seventies and alone in the world. He’d left Laura and his […]