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Chance. Fate. Intuition

By Christopher Johnson In 1909, the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung had a dream that was destined to become famous. The dream came upon him while he was traveling with Sigmund Freud to deliver lectures at Clark College in Worcester, Massachusetts….

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A Myriad of Future Writers

By: Tom Ball      I say, I have a myriad of difficulties in my life. My true love has affairs with androids. And I was redundant as an architect. An android had replaced me and the stipend I get from the…

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The Sweatshirt

By: Junhyeok Jang I halfheartedly nodded yet again, pretending I was interested. I began counting the number of diced carrots on my spoon, trying to find something more entertaining than listening to Junhyeok, who was droning on with another one…

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On Paris  

By Thomas Sanfilip I have no doubt the modernist painter Robert Delaunay understood the problem of Paris, both as a physical and spiritual entity as well as artistic force capable of creating a profound philosophic dilemma. His series of repeated…

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By: Mariam Shengelia It has been nearly nine months since the fetus has been indulging in its carefree life in its mother’s womb. Being in a symbiotic relationship with its mother, it feels as if it is in paradise. just…

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Left vs right: an even-handed perspective

By: James Aitchison Is it really a right-handed world?  Are left-handed people forever to be judged as second-class citizens? The Latin word for left is sinister.  The French word for left is gauche.  Small wonder the odds are stacked against left-handed people;…

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In Search of Kindness

By William T. Hathaway Now is the season when priests proclaim, “Peace on earth, goodwill towards men” and mainstream media soothe us with stories and images of kindness. But why do peace and goodwill remain just dreams? Why is kindness…