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Left vs right: an even-handed perspective

By: James Aitchison Is it really a right-handed world?  Are left-handed people forever to be judged as second-class citizens? The Latin word for left is sinister.  The French word for left is gauche.  Small wonder the odds are stacked against left-handed people;…

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My Photography

By: Aaron Moon Throughout the many years photography has evolved, with many new techniques and tools used to take photographs, photographers all share one goal. The use of photography is to record and keep track of whatever photo was taken….

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Exploring the Benefits of Social Media

By: Soo Yeon (Stephanie) Suh Social media, the forbidden fruit that corrupts people? Social media refers to an open online platform that shares personal thoughts, opinions, experiences, and information allowing people to create and build relationships with others. Social media…

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What Makes a Good Writer?

By Taehoon Noh What makes a good writer? Determining what constitutes a good writer is a multifaceted and subjective inquiry. It is a question that often yields diverse and occasionally conflicting responses. While the definition of a “good writer” may…

A peek into India’s comics past

Indian comics have a long and fascinating history, dating back to the early 20th century. While the medium has evolved and changed over the years, Indian comics continue to captivate readers with their unique blend of humor, adventure, and social…