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“Priceless or useless” and other poems by Euphonious Poet

By: Euphonious Poet

“Priceless or useless”

I don’t know how to feel anymore

I am but an instrument

A tool to be used at your disposal

You only need me when you want something from me

Other than that

I am useless to you

But when you need me

In your eyes I am priceless

For in those moments

My useless persona no longer exist

But the moment you find value in someone else

I am quickly thrown away as that useless tool

Instrument you will soon forget

Why did you need me in the first place?

This is what you ask yourself

What did my worth mean to you?

It is not until you are hurt and disappointed by the one you thought loved you

That you will soon remember you put me on the shelf to collect hurt, pain, and loneliness

You will soon remember my worth and value

Only to use my priceless worth and value

Until the thing you value enough to give your worth away comes

Comes to cause you pain, hurt, and misery

I am always there to be your broom and dust pan

To pick up the pieces of your heart

To show you I care

But you can’t see me past who you view me to be

I am your useless tool

Instrument of unworthiness

When you feel loved by someone in whom you know will never love you

I am your priceless

When you need someone there to listen and put you back together again

Lost in your constant cycle of pain

Who am I to you?

Am I priceless or useless?

I will wait for you to decide

As I always do


“Am I worth living for”

If I could think the way I feel

and feel the way I think

Oh how great life would be

My reality would be filled with the thoughts of truth

being birth from every word spoken from a world created totally by my mind

To where my heart can live out it’s sweetest joys

My life would have no worries

because I am in control of it all

The truth remains

I have this power to do so now

But this world has taught me

I am too small and too small minded

To make a change and I listened

Oh why did I listen

Now I am lost believing my thoughts could never be my reality

I have been taught they can’t live in perfect harmony together as one.

Why did I listen?

Oh why did I listen

Giving all control of me to a world of lies I know nothing of

Destroying my innocence in the process

Relinquishing all my control over to nothing

Deceiving me to think

I am no longer worth living for


“My Time to Move On”

While I was waiting for you to make up your mind

Whether or not you would love me and accept my love as your own

A butterfly flew my way

Captured my attention

It smiled at me

Capturing my heart in the process

I used to hold that from burning bright in my heart

For you to find your way home

But now I have come to learn

Once the wick has burned out on the candle

There is nothing else that can be done

Nothing else for me to do but to say goodbye

And move on without you

Allow my heart to burn for another

As the flame starts to burn again

What was once a lonely caterpillar

Has now become a beautiful butterfly before my very eyes

Now I must spread my wings and fly

To explore this new world now open to me

She is my beautiful butterfly


“Losing to Win”

I feel like i have wings made of wax

Trying to soar towards the sun

Believing I can make it

Without getting burned in the process

This is what finding true love

Feels to me right now

Nearly impossible

Am I wrong to believe I can make it

Even though the odds are against me

But how can I shine bright without the sun

The thing that brings me so much joy

Is the same thing that brings me so much pain

And yet I can not live without it


“Unworthy of Her Gift”

Many have come and tried to penetrate my heart with no avail

Fighting a losing battle

They know nothing of

Unaware my heart has already been conquered by another

When she came to claim her prize

I ran away in desperation

Not knowing I was a fool to do so

Believing at the time her love was too good to be true

And I was unworthy of such a precious gift as her

No one ever taught me about love

I never knew what love was before her

I didn’t know the feel, the taste, the touch of love

She taught me what love truly is

I didn’t come to realize what she was showing and giving me was love

Until I ran away

Learning quickly what love truly is not

If ever given the chance once more

I will cherish her forever

Being in her gratitude of love always

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