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Story: Breaking Chains

By: Raymond Greiner Horace Willingham epitomized success, a Harvard business school honors graduate working as an investment banker for thirty years. He has accumulated a personal net worth of ten million dollars […]

Poem: The End

By: Kimberly Potter Kendrick Tumultuous mind Tumultuous life Ups Downs A chameleon Remove mask Hopeless Determined Persevered Life It’s just life Life on life’s terms Challenge after challenge Fought hard Lost my […]

Poem: Lisa

By: John Grey  within the quote you’re irrespective of the meaning that wields it giving the finger to the history of English Literature as taught to you by Professor who-the-hell knows it says […]

Poem for the Bed

By: John Grey The bed beguiles even when not in action. Its very anticipation of bodies is an impression in itself. The blanket is turned down. The coil-springs of the mattress near-burst with […]