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‘War word’ and other poems by Januário Esteves

By: Januário Esteves

War word

To the glorious dead in battle
by the ego of the generals
rest in excrement
of rotten bodies all
the silenced human vainglory
by concomitant ignorance
that goes beyond common sense
that should be the hallmark
of the human, of the superhuman
that forks that pierces
that devours the little
light that persists
above all calamities
in the unhealthy emotions
that shelter mutilated dreams
for the advancing times
in an obscure alliance between
God and the rich, who are because the
others are poor, meat for slavers
meat for work,
cannon meat, meat for sex
sinful flesh of the church
in loving pornography
of bloody traffic from childbirth
ambiguities brought
of the cradle that anguish cradles
nausea of the unconscious
collective taken like a tide
suicide that goes beyond all
the weird impurities that
remain dormant
in mud and blood remembering lost
fading memories
in time and for what, if not for
immeasurable power of life
that sharpens all razors
for the precise cut of evolution.



Words of the soul extensions
like rushing punches
poignant exclamations
house injured gestures

incarnate the human facets
that go through situations
insane criticism of anguish
roaring in explosions

of unsettling solicitude
scratching hearts
revolving virtue
decimated in prayers

hot street words
that collapse in the cold
of immanent struggles
prevailing in the summer

cruel and harsh words
who moan in intimacy
in dictatorship syndrome
aiming for freedom

sweet and tender words
who pronounce satisfaction
in eternal doubts
petrify exasperation

syllabic and round words
almost perfect to understand
in surfing the waves
how obscure it doesn’t mean.



So that life is not just heartbreak
And don’t give in to capricious arbitrariness
It is vital to raise the spirit to the limit of the symbol
Bringing from this strength the hidden deities
And the cruel stupor that brings the disease
Advance without fear the song of praise
For the charm of the dream of modesty
Settle doubts that clamor with clamor
Everywhere share the experience
That translates the transfigured life dream
In the most intimate and painful experience
In chaos do not fall or be vilified
Bringing customs and signs very close
Disguises of others not wanting
Sweet and warm memories of my parents
Juxtaposing correctly in crescendo.

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