Category: Fiction

Story: Aliens

By: Ram Prasath “Sir, we heard that you are suspended from NASA operations due to your stupid attitude issue within the organization?” the reporter of asked. “Yes. It is true that […]

Story: Knife

By: Ram Prasath As a sharp knife was on its way penetrating that tall man’s chest and he screamed loudly while his clothes went red, the director shouted “cut” thrice indicating to […]

Story: A murder

By: Ram Prasath “A Million?” “Five. One settlement” The dark figure that sat inside the Rangerover thought for a moment and pulled out a bag and handed it over to Donovan and Jimmy. […]

Story: Silent Cheers

By: Raymond Greiner Allegany Heights is an affluent bedroom community near Philadelphia. The state of Pennsylvania is a renowned hub of football mania, and many historic great players have emerged from this geographic […]